It is Friday, and by this day we would have spoken to a couple of coaching and consulting businesses about sales funnels. We offer a free consultation online, so we can find out what our potential clients are looking for and how sales funnels can help them. What we generally find is that most people serious about their coaching or consulting business want to invest in a marketing system. They are fed up with chasing after cold leads and targeting the wrong people. Is this you? Read on…

Nobody Cares About Your Coaching Approach

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When I speak to coaches and consultants about sales funnels, I often take their website apart. I check the messages they give out, and immediately spot the error. If you don’t answer the WHY on your website, and keep on waffling on about your awards and qualifications, you will bore your potential clients to death. After all, you don’t want to be just another coach who says the same things as everyone else. You have to be different, and stop being afraid of making controversial statements. A sales funnel should be focusing on the benefits and say what qualified leads want to hear.

The Only Question Your Coaching and Consulting Clients Want an Answer To

When a new potential coaching client lands on your website, they will have one question in mind: “what is in it for me and why should I care?”. If you don’t answer this question in the first few seconds, you have lost them forever. No matter if you create an introduction video with a call-to-action to watch some free training, or make specific statements about what you can do for them, you will certainly engage with them more than by listing what you have done and how many courses you took. Nobody is interested, so you’d better shut up and leave this out of your landing page.

You Need to Build Social Proof

Of course, nobody will part with a few hundred or thousand without knowing that they will get a great value. That is why you absolutely need social proof. If people are really interested in what you have to offer, you bet they will Google your name and check out your reviews. This itself can boost your conversion rates. However, if you can’t strike up the conversation, you will not give them a reason to do their research. We have had people who told us that they checked our video out and they would come to our office because we “always have cookies”. That is the level of engagement you need to aim for to make it easier to drive your leads down your marketing funnel.

We Help You Find Your Superpower and Communicate It Through Sales Funnels

When you are in a competitive niche, such as coaching and consulting, you cannot be a generalist. You will need to focus on the outcomes you can deliver the best for your clients. This applies to everything you do online; your LinkedIn profile, your website, your lead pages, and so on. Find your one superpower that will impress your ideal client and focus on that one. Dare to be different. I had a chat this week with someone who knows a lot of business coaches, and he told me that most of them are struggling to get clients. He said the main reason was that they were citing the same books and authors as any other coach. A sales funnel will focus on your superpower and make you appear the go-to authority figure.

How Much Time and Hassle Can Coaching Funnels Save You?

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You prospect as a business coach or consultant. You might be hustling on LinkedIn, send out cold emails, hire a telemarketer, or go networking. However, at the end of the day, you have limited time. You cannot speak to unqualified leads, and that is why you need a sales funnel. Our sales funnels take care of qualifying your leads, so you don’t end up wasting your time with people who don’t have the budget. Believe me, I have been there. Your hourly productivity will go down. You need to earn a good average income from every consultation. Start valuing your time, and other people will do the same.

If you would like to find out more about how sales funnels for coaches and consultants work, get in touch to arrange a free consultation. We offer a marketing funnel overview so you better understand the bespoke systems we build.

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