We see so many companies, startups, and established small businesses fail. In fact, around two third of all businesses will pack in within the first three years. It is a shocking statistics, and the lack of digital marketing investment has something to do with the numbers. Are you struggling to take your business to the next level or simply survive the slow periods? Start thinking about social media marketing and lead generation as an investment in the future of your business, instead of looking at it as a cost.

Blowing the Cost On the Wrong Marketing Methods

The problem we see with most of the small and medium sized businesses we talk to is that they want to believe that the magic button exists. Instead of talking to a website funnel agency that focuses on the conversions and the business goals, they believe that posting in Faceboook groups, creating one Infographic, spamming people on LinkedIn, or publishing rehearsed news articles on their pages is the solution. I have seen clients spend thousands of pounds every time they had their site redesigned, just to get a handful of visitors and no sales every day. It is time to start thinking about the big picture when it come to business promotions, and build sales funnels with the end goal in mind. This is what we help our business clients do.

Spending Too Much on Social Media Packages

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Another reason why clients struggle to grow or sustain their business is that they sign up for social media packages that don’t take into consideration their unique selling proposition, competition, brand values, and customer needs. If you have ever hit the button to sign up for cheap social media management packages in the UK, you will know exactly what we are talking about. We are working very closely with our customers, so we can deliver the maximum results at the minimum cost. We have a client onboarding process that focuses on the needs of the business, no matter if they are paying us a hundred pounds or a couple of thousand.

Not  Building a Digital Marketing Funnel

If you fail to build a funnel, you can reach tons of people on social media or through other channels, but you will not see conversions. People want to be in a relationship with you, so you will have to engage with them as much as you can. Some of our higher level digital marketing sales funnel packages include email marketing campaigns and paid advertising, and this can be a great way of adding people to your list, showcasing your talent, and gaining their trust. Would you buy from someone you just met on the street? Not likely, unless you are in a good mood, drunk, or very desperate.

Focusing On Website Design and Not Conversions

I have once worked with a client who spent thousands of pounds on her website and when they discovered that it wasn’t getting any traffic they simply got it redesigned for another couple of thousand pounds. I don’t have to mention that the content was not up to scratch, and there was zero SEO whatsoever. They could have focused on building links to the site, adding keywords, and properly setting up their page speed and performance. Other clients who came to me after getting their websites done did because they were told that it would take the pages to get indexed in search engines a couple of months. These are all lies, of course. A good web design is necessary, but it will not guarantee visitors. It is like paying a top designer to arrange your window display for your shop that is located on the side street of a small village. A waste of time and money.

Not Seeking Small Business Marketing Advice Early

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Coaches, especially business coaches have a bad reputation these days. However, there are a few people who are just as passionate about growing your business as you are. I came across my business coach about 10 months ago, and I can say that I wouldn’t have the office, the infrastructure, and the funnel I do now if I didn’t. When you start a business, you go all in. You are full of drive and passion, but once the hurdles and roadblocks appear, you will make compromises. A business, personal, or marketing coach can help you keep your eyes on the ball and focus on your business goals step by step, following a proven method.

Our Answer: Cheap Social Media Management Packages

If you have been struggling to grow your business for a long time, and hit a roadblock, you need to get in touch. We are aware that most small and medium sized businesses in the UK have a limited digital marketing budget. That is why we offer all these marketing tips for small businesses and affordable social media management packages. The basic (silver) package starts at £150 per month, and there are no long term contracts. We are so confident that we can improve your social media lead generation and marketing that we don’t tie you to a contract like other people. In fact, we never met a client whose social media marketing we couldn’t improve.

How Much Are You Spending On a Website and Funnel?

Overspending on a digital marketing sales funnel will deplete your cash funds, and you will not only get frustrated, but find it hard to trust another digital marketing expert. In fact, most of our clients are spent out and they have worked with at least two other agencies before they found us. We offer services that will flood your sales funnel and help you spend less time on marketing your business online. We sit down with every client and discuss their budget and needs instead of trying to sell them the most expensive package. Simply; we care about your business.

If you would like to find out more about the services we, at LMNts Marketing offer, get in touch to arrange a free consultation. We want to work with you improving your marketing and your chances of surviving a competitive business environment.

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