So you have been told that you need a website, you got a designer to put it online, and it is nowhere to be found on the internet. This is something I call the “floating website syndrome”.

Many people coming to me for sales funnel advice have already wasted hundreds or tousands of pounds on a website and got nothing out of it. No visitors, no leads, and no business whatsoever. They simply ticked the box because they were told they needed a website, but didn’t have the end goal in mind. This is why I am approaching the problem from a different angle, and ask customers about what they would like to get out of their digital marketing before I start their sales funnel project.

Poor Search Engine Optimisation

People are generally good at one or two things. Your web developer might be good with script or design, but have limited knowledge about search engine optimisation. Even if they studied it a couple of years ago, at college, their knowledge might be outdated. Search engine algorithms change every couple of months and it is hard to keep up with the new trends. I still take regular updated courses on things I use every day in my sales funnel business.

Lack of Engagement

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Engagement is an important ranking factor for websites in 2019. In fact, if nobody is looking at your site, you are never going to build up the momentum you need to rank for your search terms. Running paid ads can help, but as soon as your money runs out, your visitors disappear, unless you have advanced sales funnels implemented, and you have a way of enticing your visitors to come back for more and engage with your posts and messages.

No Content Strategy

You cannot survive any competitive market’s turmoils without a content strategy. That is the first thing I work on when I start designing my clients’ sales funnels. For making your content stick, you will need to learn as much as possible about your target audience and their preferences, problems, and answer their mist important questions. Automating your content and your social media posts will only work if you know what you would like to achieve.

Mobile Friendliness

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Poorly designed and old websites will not display correctly on mobile devices. Given that around 45-65 percent of all traffic is coming to your site from mobile screens, it is important that your customers can read your content. Simply switching your theme and getting a responsive theme will make a huge difference in your rankings and traffic.

Social Media Integration

Having a website is not enough to get vistors to your site. Unless you can spend hundreds of pounds a week  for traffic, you will need to integrate social media in your sales funnel. Consistency across all traffic channels is important, so your brand can be recognisable and stand out. However, if you fail to measure your social media results, you will end up shooting in the dark when it comes to content creation. Our social media automation packages will offer you a detailed report at the end of the month to help you figure out which types of posts are impressing your target market and generate the most engagement.

If you haven’t yet figured out how to break the code of digital maketing, get in touch below to book your free consulation and learn about small business marketing sales funnels.

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