If you are familiar with sales funnels and marketing automation already, you might know that there is a lot of power in being able to connect with your customers and leads on autopilot. ClickFunnels and LeadPages are great if you know what you are doing, and they give you all the tools you might need to design your pages if you are not good with web design. However, they will take you time to set up, and you are tied to a contract. This means once you have stopped paying, you will no longer have access to your custom marketing funnels. Below you will find a few reasons why my clients are looking for a better option and contact Lola’s Marketing Funnels instead.

They Have Limited Time

Let’s put it this way. You are a small or medium sized business owner, and you simply don’t want to manage your campaigns every day. You also have no time to learn the different skills or wait for the support ticket to be answered. While you will get the statistics on the page and will be able to see how you are doing, it is not easy to decide what to do next. Many of my clients suffer from information overload, therefore, they are looking for a solution that gives them the answers to their questions only, instead of the rest of the data as well.

They Don’t Understand the System

find out how marketing funnels work
find out how marketing funnels work

While both ClickFunnels and LeadPages are smart and effective systems, not all business owners are advanced marketers. They don’t want to get stuck and waste their monthly subscription because they can’t move on to the next stage. Further, most of us today are visual learners, which means we need a graphic breakdown of how things work. I offer this in my proposal, so my clients know exactly how the customer touch points are designed and lead visitors through the marketing funnel.

It Takes Too Long to Work

One of the things that people tell me when we sit down to discuss their marketing automation options is that it takes time for all elements of the sales funnel created by the software work well together. Not to mention that you will have to test and tweak, and tailor the offers to your needs. This is why you will need to actually have someone with you who fully understands your business model and can identify the best way of implementation.

They Need Ongoing Support

I offer two types of services for my clients: one-on-one coaching for those who would like to get more involved in the marketing funnel development, and fully managed. However, both of the options include unlimited support. If you get stuck, can’t integrate an element, need help with your headline, or broke your autoresponder code, simply pick up the phone or get in touch on Skype or Zoom, and I will guide you through the process. For people running their own business, time is money. The sooner they can resolve the issues, the less money they lose.

They Want More Customisation Options

Find out why your marketing funnel should be tailored to your business
find out why every sales funnel is different

The vast majority of my clients are in a trust-based industry. This means they are either therapists, health care professionals, or coaches. They will need more time to build a relationship and get people to trust them. This is why we focus on consistent marketing and brand messages, and start with identifying a clear USP and a mission statement. People are more interested in what you stand for than you would think.

They Want More Meaningful Relationships with their Clients

All entrepreneurs started their business with a strong mission to help others. They know that the competition is out there, but they also know that they have something to offer that others don’t. To communicate their uniqueness, however, they will need to build meaningful relationships. Clickfunnels and LeadPages are great for sales, but less effective when it comes to letting your personality shine through. Would you rather sell your clients once or turn them into fans who will be raving about your service and come back for more every time? I know which one I would choose.

If you feel like you need a marketing funnel, but you haven’t yet figured out which road to go down, I would like to hear from you. I have worked with dozens of small and medium sized UK businesses and helped them create meaningful relationships and improve their sales through effective custom sales funnel designs; from gardeners and plumbers to relationship counsellors and business coaches.

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