If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I am passionate about helping coaches make the most out of their business. Unfortunately, the coaching and consulting niche is overcrowded, and it is extremely challenging to remain competitive or stand out. To build and communicate your comeptitive advantage, you will need a sales funnel. Below you will find the most common reasons why the majority of coaches I talk to struggle.

Lacking USP

Even though coaches are set out to help as many businesses and individuals as possible, they find it hard to demonstrate their unique approach. The truth is that it is almost impossible to do without givinig away some free tips. I have worked with coaches who were extremely open about who they would like to work with. Once I asked them who can they deliver the best results for, the game completely changed. When developing your USP, always have your ideal client in mind.

Not Communicating Their Value

Coaches tend to go all technical and professional, and they are not ansering the most important question their potential clients might have in mind: “what is in it for me?” Stop focusing on what you do, and start communicating what results you deliver by doing what you do. Answer the why and you will create the “like me moment” that will improve your conversions significantly.

Looking at Coaching as a Cost, Not an Investment

Believe it or not, even coaches suffer from the “imposter syndrome” and believe that they cannot justify their fees. This is the wrong starting point, and you might even end up sabotaging your own success. If you generate a company an extra 10K a year, and charge them £1,000, you are getting ten times their investment back. So it is an investment worth considering.

Not Offering Social Proof

Unfortunately, there are too many coaches and not enough people considering taking on this service. You will have to make your personal brand shine through your social media campaigns and messages, and create social proof. Get people to share your content, ask for Facebook recommendations, and publicise your feedback. This will help you stay credible and authentic.

Not Building a Sales Funnel

Coaches cannot expect people to buy into what they have to offer the first time they land on their page. That is why they need an advanced follow-up system, caled a sales funnel. The best types of marketing funnels for coaches include the webinar funnel that allows the individual to showcase their skills and establish themselves as an expert, while building a personal relationship with their audience.

Promoting the Franchise, Not Their Personal Brand

The most common mistake I see coaches (personal and buisiness) make is that they are too obsessed with the content their franchise is offering them, and fail to brand themselves. People don’t buy from companies; they will buy into you as a person. Your unique personality traits, phrases, experience, and skills will make them connect with you, not the logo that is displayed on your social media posts and website.

If you are a personal, wellness, health, business, or holistic coach, you will need to make sure that you are focusing on your USP and personal brand as much as you do on communicating what you do.


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