If you have been thinking about getting more leads into your business, you might be considering talking to a lead generation expert who will get you targeted customers, at least they promise to do so. Before you part with your hard earned money, however, there are a couple of things you should consider to ensure you are getting the best value possible.

Paying Per Lead vs. Maximising Your Conversions

The first thing you need to consider before paying a so called “lead generation expert” is whether there is a guarantee that the leads will be live, hot, and easy to convert. If you are just given a bunch of contact details in a spreadsheet, you should start acting suspicious. If the company is using cold calling, and you have no insight into where they are getting the details from, you might want to stay away from the service, as your conversion rates are likely to be super-low.

The Cost of Leads

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Money is important, and – if you are engaging with a company to generate leads for your business – chances are that you want to get a high return on investment. If you pay £5 for a lead, and you have a product that costs £100, you are likely to lose money if you can only close 15 percent of the sales, and waste a lot of time chasing cold and dead leads on top of that.

The Quality of Leads

When it comes to generating leads for your business, you need to find a way to engage with them and add them to your digital marketing sales funnels. If you get people to sign up for your list or website, but the open rate of your emails is closer to 0 percent than 50, you will have no way of engaging with your target market, and you will know that there is no chance these people are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

How Many Companies Share the Same Leads

There are some large companies out there, even business directories that send you leads daily targeted to your industry. However, what they don’t tell you is that they send out the same details to up to a dozen other companies competing for the same business. This will certainly reduce your conversion rates and make you waste precious time.

GDPR Compliance

With the introduction of the GDPR data protection regulation in the EU last year, you will have to be careful with how you use digital marketing. If the lead generation company you are using is not disclosing their methods and lacks transparency, you might get into trouble and have to take responsibility for their mistakes. In the worst case scenario, you will even have to pay a fine.

Alternative: Your Own Digital Marketing Sales Funnels

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If you would like to get a constant flow of leads to your business and engage with your target market using advanced and custom sales funnels, you will need to think about long term. When you stop paying for leads, your business will suffer. However, when you use digital marketing sales funnels. You can grow your customer base, your reputation, and drive your visitors toward making a buying decision.

If you need help with ethical and smart ways of generating leads and conversions in your business, you can book a free consultation and find out how our fully managed sales funnel packages or marketing automation services can help.

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