If I had to chosoe something I enjoy most about working with small and medium sized businesses in the UK and helping entrepreneurs make the most out of their sales funnels, it is brainstorming different digital marketing strategies. When you see the light bulb going off in their head, and know that you have created a clear vision and gave them a direction and a plan, you know that you are providing value. Find out why my clients love working with me.

It’s Like Having a Digital Marketing Department, Only Cheaper

It's like having your in-house marketing team... (Only cheaper...) (2).png

Last week, I got an amazing feedback from one of my clients during a sales funnel coaching session. He said that he felt like he had an entire digital marketing department on his side, but without the cost of running one. This made me think; what is the service some of the companies out there offer? Do they really make a difference? The main reason why I set up LMNts Marketing and am now focusing on sales funnels is that I realised that there is a need for a holistic approach. SEO, link building, and social media automation alone don’t work for small businesses.

Sales Funnels Tailored to Their Needs

Another reason why my clients love working with me is because they know I take on board whatever we talk about, and know what their goals in their business are. This means that I never oversell a package. If you are running a business part time, and only want a couple of clients every week, there is no way I will recommend the highest package, even if you could afford it.

Regular Digital Marketing Updates They Can Understand

What makes a huge difference to my clients is that I help them understand the benefits of a sales funnel. I don’t bore them with statistics they cannot understand, and always make sure we are on the same page. I don’t use jargon they don’t understand, and focus on the results they are interested in; traffic, conversions, visitor demographics, and engagement level. My statistics are actionable and easy to interpret. Here is an example of what you would receive from me if you decided to get your sales funnel set up by LMNts Marketing.

engagement 3.JPG

I respect the time of my clients, and this means that I know they don’t have the time to go through pages of information and spreadshets.

The Eye Opening Sales Funnel Strategy Exercises

To help my cleints unlock their full marketing potential, I also have a couple of exercises to help them focus on the KPIs that matter in digital marketing. You can download some of them from my site, such as the free social media calendar and the ideal client sheet to use it in your business. After going through the process of drawing stick men, creating mind maps, and mapping our funnels, I can see the light bulb go off in their head, and that is one of the best feelings ever.

Full Service Means I Am Here To Help

My clients know that I care about their digital marketing success, and am here to help. If they send me an email about setting up a new page, or want my opinion on a post they just created, I will answer. If they are stuck with technology, I often jump in the car and meet them with my laptop. I make people unstuck with their digital marketing, no matter if it is webiste design, email copywriting, or understanding a report.

I value every customer equally,  and the better we work together, the more successful we will be. If you would like to know more, get in touch to book a free consultation.



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