We had a great discussion at the office with the girls today. We were talking about business owners and DIY methods. While – with proper training in digital marketing you can make it, you will need the time and skills to build a successful sales funnel. The number of people who came to me after signing up for ClickFunnels or other funnel building tools and gave up on it was staggering.  If you think it is going to be easy, think again.

Funnel Building 101

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The thing with building sales funnels is that you don’t have to be following the crowd. I am telling you that I could create a sales funnel with my eyes closed in just a few hours, including the content, without any tools. However, what software you use doesn’t matter as much as your foundation of the funnel. You need to know your ideal clients, your business goals, and reverse engineer the conversion process.

Setting the Foundations of Your Funnel

It is important that you create the right foundations for your marketing strategy and your funnel. What do you want your visitors to do? If you ask them to buy into a high ticket item straight after they land on your page, you are not going to succeed. Start with the actions you want them to take that will have the lowest risk and commitment, and then you can start pushing them down your funnel by getting them to commit to more, after they have consumed your valuable content.

Never Over-complicate a Sales Funnel In the Beginning

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If there is one thing I love about sales funnels, it is that they are flexible. You can start small, and maybe just test an intro offer to see how it converts. I recently launched a new funnel in my business and tested it on a small amount of traffic. Out of the 50 visits I got 18 signups, which means that it is a good (first attempt) landing page. Now I can start creating the autoresponder sequence, finalise the “landing page” and setting up AB testing. After all, even 1 percent increase in your conversion rates will make a huge difference. Why leave money on the table?

A Marketing Funnel Should Address the Most Important Questions and Objections Your Audience Has

One of the things only you can do is understand your audience. As I always tell my customers: “whatever you put out there just imagine that you have your ideal client sitting across the desk and you are talking directly to them”. No software can do that! Only you can figure out what you would like to achieve in business and how you want to help your clients.

A Funnel Builder Should Understand Your Business As Much As You Do

The trouble with most funnel builders is that you will only be able to get to where you want to be if you give them clear instructions. We often suffer from confusion and information overload. Like my friend, Jan Kiermasz from John Jelly said today: “computers are smart. However, if you don’t tell your Satnav where you want to go, it will not take you there. The same applies to ClickFunnels, LeadPages, and all the other funnel building or marketing software out there. That is why our sales funnel development  packages are so popular. We sit down with the client and figure out how to make digital marketing work for their business, instead of trying to apply a cookie-cutter option.

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