If you are in business, and you have big dreams, you often feel like you are walking around in circles and never get anywhere. You go to networking events, see how successful other companies claim to be, and you get a knot in your stomach. What are other companies doing that you are not that makes them get leads on a  constant basis? Chances are that they invested in their personal development, their marketing strategy, and sales funnels. Below you will find a few reasons why you might be struggling to grow your business without sales funnels.

Lack of Consistency

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One of the reasons why small and medium sized business owners struggle with implementing a growth plan is that they are not consistent when it comes to marketing. they might join one or more networking groups, engage with people on social media, but they disappear when they get busy. Your potential clients want to know that you are there for them, you are not going anywhere, and you are reliable. If you don’t post for a couple of weeks, chances are that they will start listening to somebody else.

Not Measuring Your Marketing Results

It is important that you measure your results and your return on your marketing investment. It is almost impossible to do when you are sending out leaflets or advertising in the local paper. Not to mention that you will be going out wide, instead of laser focusing on the people who need your services and have the budget to spend. With digital marketing sales funnels and our social media management packages, you will know exactly how engaged your audience is, and who checks out your posts regularly. In simple words: no more shooting in the dark.

Choosing the Short Term, Easy Option

The mistake I see so many small and medium sized business owners make is that they focus on the cheapest option and short term results. For example, you might buy a DIY social media course hoping that you will save money long term. you try the techniques, then you get overwhelmed, or give up. Then you rinse and repeat. Maybe you will sign up for one of the lead generation services out there, and it takes you a couple of months to realise that the quality of leads is sub par.

Not Identifying Your USP

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When we start building a  new sales funnel for a client, we always sit down and help them identify their USP and complete their marketing SWOT. This means that we understand their priorities, marketing goals, and challenges. No matter if we are just offering the basic social media marketing services or the full sales funnel management package, we will need to build on their strengths.

Targeting the Wrong Customers

I see this so many times. Business owners who claim that they can work with anyone or serve any type of customer. At the end of the day, your potential clients should have money to spend. Ideally, they will have the funds allocated for what you offer. Secondly, they will have to see your value and be motivated to make the purchase. If you are talking to the wrong people, your conversions will be non-existent.

Not Communicating Your Value

Most people who fail to build a successful marketing funnel will just go about shouting about their service and special offer. However, customers don’t want to be sold; especially not on social media. What they are looking for is entertainment, valuable information, and answer to their question; “what is in it for me?”.

If you fail to answer the questions your potential clients have, you will never succeed with growing your business through marketing.

Are you interested in finding out more about digital marketing funnels? Let’s arrange a chat and see how we can help you get leads and customers on autopilot to flood your sales funnels with qualified prospects.


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