People often ask me how long it takes to set up a sales funnel. There is no straightforward answer, as it depends on your industry, your goals, and your brand strength. Even if you have a strong personal brand, you will need to find a way to engage with your target audience the most effective way, so you can maximise your return on marketing investment. Measuring every touch point before scaling up your campaign is going to help you get your digital marketinig right. Find out why below.

Different Post Formats

Before you can launch a digital marketing campaign, you will have to find the right methods to add people to your sales funnels. This means that different types of content, headlines, and image combinations, videos will be tested, so we can figure out which posts are getting the most engagement and traction in search engines and social media. This will take a few weeks, maximum, but finding the right type of client for your sales funnel is essential.

Your Customer Demographics

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Our white label software allows customers to see their detailed social media statistics, and along with their website analytics, this will give us a good indication of what type of languagge to use at every touch point. For example, if 80 precent of your followers and readers are female, you will need to hit a feminine tone, and should be careful with direct call-to-actions. You will have to focus on the “emotional connection” and the “like me” moment, instead of creating logical posts at every stage of your sales funnel.

Your First Autoresponder Sequence

Once I know who we are talking to, I usually set up the first “test” sales funnel for my clients. This is optimised until we get the right conversion and engagement rates. I have recently created a lead capture page for a customer with 50 percent signup rate, 82 percent open rate, and 71 percent click rate on a series of seven emails, Once a few customers have been through the different touch points, and I was confident that they found the content valuable and the offers relevant, I started scaling it out, and replicated the same results.

Your Engagement and Retention Rates

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The main reason why you should measure the conversion rates of your sales funnel and the engagement at every touch point is to make sure you are not losing too many people. If you find that an email will result in an increased number of unsubscribes, you will need to adjust it. If, however, your conversion rates on a particular touch point are low, you will have to change the headline, the call to action, or the entire approach, or find a way to re-engage with your audience.

Your Sales Funnel Optimised and Ready to Launch

Once every stage of your sales funnel has been tested and measured, you are ready to scale up your campaigns and start adding a larger number of people to your funnel. This will guarantee the best possible return on your investment. I generally don’t advise clients to throw money at a sales funnel that hasn’t been fully assessed, tested, and optimised, as they are likely to lose money. However, if the digital marketing strategy is proven to work, you will get great results and can grow your audience, your market, and sales.

Measurement is an important part of every sales funnel we offer. Thanks to our white label software we invested in last year, you can now see what is happening at every stage of the funnel. That is what makes LMNts Marketing different from other digital marketing agencies out there.

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