An increasing number of business owners are aware of the importance of sales funnels and digital marketing, but they don’t know how to add people to their list. No matter if you are using email marketing, social media promotions, or paid advertising, you will need to stand out and cut through the white noise. If you feel like you have been trying everything, and your marketing funnel is still empty, you will need to find out why. Here are some pointers.

You Copy Others

Being authentic is one of the greatest values you can have as a small business owner. While some people will tell you to fake it until you make it, you should not try to be someone you are not. People are not stupid, and they are generally good at seeing through your mask and your fake appearances. Being small is sometimes a virtue, not a handicap. Focus on the value you can offer, instead of trying to find out why your competition is doing well. Just because something works for them, it might not work for you.

You Fail to Communicate Your Value

At the end of the day, your potential clients will ask one question when they land on your website, and you need to answer as soon as possible.

What is in it for me and why should  I care?

If you don’t tell them why they should listen to you and what they can get out of your service or product, they will never land in your sales funnel. You will have to give them value to convince them of your own value. This is one of the most challenging things about social media marketing.

You Focus On the Wrong Audience

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Are you trying to go after people who are not likely to buy from you? Let’s say that you turn up at a networking event that is free to attend. Your products cost £1,000 plus. Do you think that you will make a sale as a result? Not likely. If you just go for likes when designing your social media marketing, you will risk wasting time and resources on people who don’t have the budget and are just looking for free information. Qualify your leads and fill out the ideal client sheet to know exactly who you should tailor your social media messages to.

You Are Inconsistent

If you are like most business owners we meet, you will try to manage your social media yourself only to find out that there are simply not enough hours in the day to do so. This means that you will post four days in a row, then nothing for weeks. This is not the best approach. If you have time to learn how to schedule your social media posts using third party software, this can be a good move. Alternatively, you can check out our social media management packages for small business owners starting at just £50 per month.

You Don’t Give Them a Strong Enough Reason to Stay

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Gaining customers is like dating. You might be good with the pick up lines and get the first date, but can you really keep the girl? If you are doing the same thing, boring them with the same jokes or stories, they are likely to move on. You can’t make your marketing funnels work without offering something new and creating a strong emotional connection. People buy from those they know, like, and trust.

If you would like to make it in a competitive market and add people to your sales funnels. It is important that you pay attention to your image and the messages you are giving out. Generating leads through sales funnels should be easy if you have a detailed plan.

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