As an author of Funnel Magazine, Clickfunnels’ own brand publication, I am a massive fan of the system, however, some people think that ClickFunnels is too expensive. In fact, many of our clients will ask us to build a funnel without using the system. I understand why so many people find ClickFunnels expensive, but you have to look at it from the ROI perspective. If the infrastructure helps you generate leads and scale your business faster, and you get four dollars back on every dollar you spend, the price is irrelevant. The main problem is when people sign up and don’t have any idea how to get started, so they waste their money. Funnel building is an art itself. You have to know how to reverse engineer the sales process, and cookie cutter options rarely work. Find out below why Clickfunnels is so expensive and how to make the most out of the funnel building platforms available to you.

Popularity of ClickFunnels

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One of the reasons why this funnel builder is so expensive is that ClickFunnels was one of the first companies out there to offer a robust infrastructure for people looking to scale up their marketing. Russell Brunson has a strong personal brand, and gained popularity by loads of videos and showing people how the funnels work in real life; in his own business. When thinking funnels, people still have ClickFunnels come to mind, no matter how many new platforms launch every year. The competition hasn’t been able to take a huge bite out of the market share of ClickFunnels.

Different Designs Available at ClickFunnels

Of course, the different designs that are proven to work help with the popularity of ClickFunnels. You see successful and large marketing companies use the platform, and it gives the brand social proof. You can build a funnel at ease, no matter if you are just starting up, and there are examples of successful maps featured on the site. The research that went into testing the different funnel designs, landing page layouts, and software, also the integration with other marketing software has given ClickFunnels a competitive edge.

Affiliate Program of ClickFunnels

Of course, ClickFunnels shares the revenue with the growing number of affiliates who launch their own “One Funnel Away” challenge every day. That reduces the profit margin of the company, so the marketing costs justify the price of the software and platform. In a way, ClickFunnels has a great marketing system; they offer a compensation for influencers promoting their system. They would certainly need to spend much more money on paid traffic than they do now based on performance. Their CPA affiliate program is rewarding for the right people, even though it is hard to break into the market if you are just starting off. Marketing agencies can make an extra few hundred dollars just by recommending ClickFunnels.

Reputation of Russell Brunson and ClickFunnels

Of course, Russell Brunson is still one of the most influential marketers out there. He has aligned himself with some of the best marketers out there, and made them is super-affiliates. His alliance and the fact that they go out there to help people out who want to be helped. Of course, not everyone wants to learn everything about digital marketing, and that is why we offer the full service sales funnel development packages. This doesn’t mean that it is a set-and-forget solution, though. In fact, you will be asked to become a co-creator of the campaign; we might be an award-winning Cheshire marketing agency, but you are the person who knows your business inside-out.

Training Available to Build  a Funnel

Another reason why the price of ClickFunnels is steep is the support and training provided for users on the platform. You will need to take into consideration the added value. If you are just starting up, you will really need to become familiar with the different types of pages, the funnel design process, and the elements. Without the winning headline and amazing copy, bespoke content, no funnel will convert. The online training and support available, as well as the funnel packs in the upgraded version will make it faster and easier to build a funnel.

Designed for High Ticket Funnels

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Of course, you should not invest into ClickFunnels if you are looking to sell $20 items and don’t have an upsell. The secret of ClickFunnels is to maximize your sales conversions and the value per customer. That means that you should have a good return on investment. Let’s say that you are building a list on Clickfunnels, present the offer, get people to sign up. Then you present the audience with a Thank You page that has an irresistible offer. However, the process doesn’t stop there. You can carry on upselling until you had enough. You can also carry on marketing to the same people using your retargeting ads or autoresponder sequence.

Of course, there are other funnel building platforms out there, too. If you know what you are doing, you can build a funnel on any website. It might be a FunnelKit plugin, LeadPages, Convertri, Kartra, or anything you like. You might even design the pages from scratch. The key is knowing what you are doing and what you want the funnel to do; your outcome is more important  than the infrastructure.

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