As a sales funnel expert and digital marketer, I work with plenty of businesses, big and small. You size will not determine your success, and my aim is to level the playing field of online marketing for small and medium sized businesses. I am also flexible and offer either managed marketing solutions or coaching services. There are, however, certain types of customers I would not work with. Find out more below. 

If You Don’t Have Goals…

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One of the reasons why I decide that a client is not a good fit is that they don’t know what they would like to achieve. This means that I will never succeed getting the results they are expecting, as this might change. I also had a couple of people telling me that they want more followers. This is not a goal itself. A goal should be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. You can buy Instagram followers for a penny to a pound, but this will not improve your customer engagement and conversions. When I sit down with you for a free consultation, I will ask you about your specific goals in your business, to make sure that you are serious about your success. 

You Are Not Patient

Good marketing takes time, and you can’t just plug in a marketing sales funnel and expect it to double your sales. Instead, we will need to work on a plan that is suitable for your business and your market. It is important that campaigns are measured, and we know exactly what your market will react to. Anyone who promises you overnight results and claims that they can deliver results might be taking you for a ride. 

You Can’t Describe Your Ideal Customer

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Another important thing I will ask you to tell me is the characteristics of your ideal customer. If you don’t know who you would like to reach, how would I guess? After all, you are the person who interacts with the market every day, let it be business clients, end users, or online clients. You will need to give me some clues when it comes to one of the four Ps of marketing: people. 

You Don’t Know Your USP

No matter if you are a therapist, a business coach, or a gardener; there will be a lot of competition out there. If you would like me to help you stand out from the crowd, it is important that we find your USP. No two businesses are the same, and I can help you communicate your unique selling proposition once we have had a chat about your business. 

You Treat Your Business as a Hobby

I met loads of people during my marketing career who believed the hype that they can go out there, sign up for a training, work from their pajamas, and cash in. If you are not willing to put in serious effort, you will be overwhelmed by the leads generated by your sales funnel design implementation

If you would like to improve your sales and your customer engagement, increase your brand’s visibility, and create long term relationships with your clients, sales funnels are for you. However, if you are looking for cookie-cutter options, I am not your best bet. 

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