If you know me or have met me at any of the local networking events, chances are that you believe I know everything about online marketing and promotions. You would think that all those degrees and qualifications under my belt, it would be stupid of me to enroll to the Google Digital Garage certification program. I still do it between client meetings and work. Find out why below.

Search Engine Marketing Is Changing

As search engine robots are getting smarter and they update the algorithms, you will need to stay focused on the latest rules and methods, so you don’t get caught up and get your marketing results compromised. What works in 2018 might be a useless marketing method in 2022. Just like what used to work back in 2006 is unethical and a waste of time today. It is important that you get the information from first hand, not from bloggers and people trying to sell you something.

It Helps You Put Your Digital Strategies In Context

If you are looking to build a successful sales funnel, i might be a good idea to explore the latest and most effective methods. Google’s Digital Garage training will not tell you what you have to do, but provide you with a comprehensive overview of the marketing methods you can implement in your small business sales funnel.

Google Digital Garage Helps Me Brainstorm My Digital Marketing Strategy

Whenever I sit down with a small or medium sized business owner, I brainstorm ideas based on what they would like to achieve. This is what makes my business unique and this is how I deliver results. Google’s simple guides and short modules help me comprehend what the different methods are about and improve the sales funnel designs for my clients.

It Is Entertaining

I also use the training to take a break from sales funnel and digital marketing development. It is an entertaining way to learn, and the Google Digital Garage combines visual and audio content very well. You will even get a transcript, so you can look back on the various topics later without having to watch the videos.

It Helps Me Choose the Right Digital Marketing Sales Funnel Elements for My Clients

Whenever I watch the training videos I get some good ideas and take notes. When I am in the middle of a digital marketing overhaul or design, I list the elements of the sales funnels and create a plan. This is then sent to customers for approval, and we can discuss what we do first to get the best results and measure the effectiveness of the campaign. I often implement the tips and tools discovered during the training.

It Makes You More Aware of How Not To Ruin Your Website Marketing

black hat SEO risks
Black hat marketing 

Back in 2011, when I started working with clients and launched my copywriting business, I saw loads of competition and thought that I had to beat everyone in price. In reality, I just had to make them realize my unique value proposition. I gained a lot of clients after they chose cheap link building or SEO services that only achieved one thing; got them banned from search engines. Spinning and duplicate content are the past today, just like some of the simple methods of buying likes and getting bots to boost your traffic will later in time.

The Google Digital Garage is useful for website owners and marketing professionals alike. Make sure you check out out and pick the content that you would like to explore for free.

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