If you have been running your business for a while and have a website, it is normal to expect that your site will help you get more customers. However, at a recent business event I asked a couple of business owners whether or not they have a website. Most of them answered yes. I also asked them whether or not their site is generating them leads and markets their brand for them every day. Only one person answered yes. I realised that there’s a huge problem out there. Websites are just floating in empty space and are not at all functional. If you suffer from the floating website syndrome, it might be time to find out what you can do about it. Below you can find out what causes your lack of success with your website.

No Sales Funnel

The main reason why your site is not getting you customers is that it is set up without a particular purpose. When you talk to a web designer or online marketing coach, you will have to clarify what you would like to get out of your website. Would you like your visitors to call you, make a booking, contact you, leave a question, ask for a quote, or engage with you through your newsletter? Until you know the answer, you will not be able to establish your online marketing sales funnel.

Lack of Engagement

It is also crucial that you develop a unique offer and highlight your USP throughout the site. If you have employed a web designer or large online marketing company, chances are that they are not interested in your business goals or the type of customer you are looking to attract. They will simply create a generic (cookie-cutter) marketing campaign that will either work for your company or not. In contrast, if you talk to a local online marketing expert, they will sit down and try to understand your market and business.

No Branding

Many companies think that by posting on social media sites and blogging they can establish a strong brand. Unfortunately, you will need to do more than that. You will have to communicate your mission, vision, and values, and align them with your customers’ preferences and needs. It takes a lot of market research or knowledge to get online branding right, and find a way to set you apart from your competition.

No Unique Content

A couple of years ago, when I started up in SEO writing and online marketing, I had to compete with content mills and overseas agencies, as most website owners believed that they offered the same service. That was until Google and other search engines figured out the automated content creation tools these companies used and learned how to spot non-native writing that doesn’t’ make any sense for the reader. The game changed and most companies who got banned by search engines decided to go for quality instead of cheap.

Lack of Infrastructure

Your website is like your physical shop. It needs an infrastructure. Just try to set up an office without a phone line or internet connection. It simply will not work. Or try to open a store with no shelves, all merchandise displayed on the floor. I don’t think that you will succeed. The same is true for websites. They need to be tailored to the needs of your business and serve your customers the best way they can. Creating a website is simple. A college kid or a non-native speaker can do it. Making sites that help you achieve your business goals is a different story. If you would like to have a chat about your your individual business needs and solutions to make your site work for you and not the other way round, feel free and get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.
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