If you already have a small business sales funnel and some kind of automation, and you are still not getting the conversions you are looking for, chances are that you will need to look at every touch point to find out where people are dropping out and lose interest. If you stop providing value, you might flood your sales funnel with leads, but never convert them into customers. What is the point then? Below you will find a few reasons why they might be dropping out of your sales funnel and lose interest in what you have to offer.

Being Too Promotional

Most startup business owners make a mistake that they try too hard to make the first sale, and have no patience. You need to remember that people usually buy from those they know and trust, so you will have to create reciprocity and provide value before they would open their wallet or submit their credit card details. You have to find the right balance between being promotional and communicating your value to build a successful sales funnel.

Broken Links

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Setting up an autoresponder campaign as a part of your sales funnel might be something you hate doing, but if you don’t test your emails regularly, there might be no point after all. If your emails contain broken links, your visitors will think that you are not really bothered, and they will be discouraged from buying. Just last month, I logged into one of my clients’ autoresponders to find that all her social media icons linked to the generic sites (facebook.com, etc.). The worst thing is that people clicked on the links and wanted to connect with her. She was clearly losing money because of not being thorough enough.

No Real Value for Them

If you are sending the same information that is freely available on your blog, or other sites, maybe just link to videos that have been online for years, and call it an exclusive content, you are fooling noone. Your subscribers want to feel valued and appreciated, or they will soon turn back from your site, unsubscribe, and fall out of your sales funnel.

You Fail To Answer the Question: What Is In It For Me

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Put first things first. The one question every person visiting your site, your social media pages, or reading your emails has is “what is in it for me?”. If you fail to answer the question, chances are that you will never get their full attention or take them further down your sales funnel; the “demand” stage. You have to prove that the product or service you offer is exactly what they have been looking for, to close the sale.

You Fail to Communicate Your USP

Before you even think about developing a small business sales funnel, you have to identify your USP. You have to know what sets you apart from your competition, and how you can offer more value to your customers than them. Your USP needs to be clear in every message you create, every social media post you publish, and every blog article. It will help you answer the next question your potential clients might have; “why should I care?”.

If you are already getting leads to your sales funnel and take them to the AWARENESS AND INTEREST stage, you will have to use your USP and your value proposition to convince them that you are the right answer to their question. Book a free call to get help with finding your USP.


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