When it comes to marketing your small business, it is important that you have a clear vision of who your customers are and where you can talk to them. No matter if you offer local gardening services or would like to get more business coaching clients, you have to position yourself on the market according to your target customers’ behaviour and preferences. Below you will find a few tips on how to find them and talk to them through various levels.

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1. Your Competitor’s Website

Whenever you enter a competitive marketplace and would like to get your brand to get noticed, it is always a good idea to check what similar companies already established are doing. Find out what they offer and try to add more value. You can check your competitor’s Facebook business page to find out what your potential clients like and dislike about their services, so you can create your unique selling proposition.

2. On Review Sites

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Most people do their research before they choose a company to solve their problem. They are interested in what other people have to say about the services and products before they would commit to one offer. If your online marketing sales funnel doesn’t include creating a strong profile on review sites, you are missing out on targeted and highly converting traffic.

3. On Social Media Looking for Recommendations

In case you are starting a local business, such as gardening, pet grooming, or mobile hair styling, you will need to establish yourself in the community. Social media sites are full of local communities you can take advantage of. From business advertising on Facebook to Twitter streams and followers, there are plenty of ways you can make social media work for you. A word of warning, though; make sure you keep your personal and business profiles separate at all times.

4. On Relevant Blogs

When customers have a problem in the 21st century, they ask Google, Yahoo, Alexa, or Siri. If you are able to create content that ranks high in search engines, you can provide value, build trust, and even gain customers. There are great ways of finding out what the main questions of your target market are, and you can answer them one by one on your blog, so you prove yourself as a source of knowledge and an expert.

5. They Don’t Yet Know that They Need Your Services

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In some cases, people don’t even know that your solution exists. Bringing a new product or service into a market is always challenging. Remember that before Apple created the iPod, nobody woke up wanting one. You should take advantage of video marketing and social media advertising to create a buzz about your product or service, and get people to want to find out more.

Whether you have an established business or are just starting up, it is important to know who your customers are and how they search for solutions. If you are struggling with finding your potential clients, you might benefit from a free personalised marketing consultation. Get in touch to book yours below.

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