If you have a small or medium sized business, you must have been told that you need a website and an internet presence. In reality, you can do more harm than good, if you are choosing someone who is good with programming, but has no idea about building successful automated marketing sales funnels. You might be better off with a specialist who can do web design that is tailored to the needs of your business, customers, and market conditions. Below you will find a list of circumstances when hiring a web designer can be a bad idea.

Basic Service Equals Zero Results When It Comes to Online Marketing

While some web design companies offer a full package for less than £100, this will not include marketing, social media, directory registration, or even indexing your pages. I have not once before come across customers who have had their site for years, still Google and Bing didn’t know about it. They were told that registering the site would take months. Two letters: B. S. If your web designer is trying to tell you that you have to wait for that long, they seriously need some internet marketing training right now.

Your Site Looks Like Everyone Else’s

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Using a simple template will not make you stand out from the crowd. It is important that you communicate your vision and mission through your website, which acts as your virtual shop window. You don’t want to copy a popular chain when you open up your gift store, so why do it online? Custom designs and customer-friendly features make a huge difference when it comes to visitor engagement.

You Are Left with the Copywriting Tasks

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You might have a generic site with an OK design, but you will still have to create engaging content. A web designer will not be able to do it, as they are not trained in internet marketing. Instead, they will – as a maximum – use a generic description and standard text that will never get you noticed. You should get a copywriter-marketer to create your site instead of getting the basic service only.

You Have to Manually Market Your Site

Not taking advantage of today’s information technology and online tools is a deadly sin. You want to improve customer experience continuously. If you can implement tools and plugins that make it easier for your website visitors to ask questions, follow you, and get in touch, you are more likely to reach more people and turn them into returning customers through online marketing sales funnel automation.

Your Search Engine Rankings Suck

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Even if you are happy with the design and the content of your site, and you even make the effort to create a few blog posts, you are not guaranteed to get the traffic you need. When your search engine rankings are non-existent, you should blame your web designer. If your pages are hard to share and interact with, your customers will leave, and your bounce rate will be higher, further reducing your search engine position.

You Fail to Build a Brand Image

The most important purpose of your online website and marketing sales funnel is to help you build a strong image and a follower base. If you look, talk, and interact the same way as your competition, you are not likely to benefit from returning visitors and buyers. A marketing expert will ask questions about your target market, your industry, and your company, so you can create and communicate a unique selling proposition online.

Getting a website is only a first step you have to take to get visitors and customers online. You need to design your marketing strategy and content creation with a professional, instead of someone who is good at using website templates. Get in touch below to find out how you can get more visitors and automate your sales through clever web design.

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