If you are a business page manager on Facebook, you might have noticed that there is an option to share a post in your story. As Facebook now owns Instagram, it is trying out things that work really well on other platforms. Facebook stories are a great way of engaging with people, and you will have more chance to connect with your followers. Below you will find out why you should include Facebook Stories as a lead generation method for your digital marketing sales funnel.

Personal Stories vs. Business Stories

Facebook stories allow you to share your photos, videos, and animations on your Facebook page, and have your message pop up on the side. You will get a notification on who has seen it, and people can easily comment on your story. Whenever you are at a concert, you can go live and add it to your story. However, adding stories to your business page, you will need to be smarter. Facebook stories don’t allow li

Manage Your Ads Better with Facebook Stories

Once you know what your audience is reacting to, you will be able to build better Facebook ads. While people cannot comment on the posts or like them, they can add instant reactions. And remember; people on Facebook are extremely nosey (this is something I tell most of my coaching clients). They want to see behind the scenes, find out what you are up to, and want to be entertained, instead of being sold.

Videos Do Great On Facebook Stories

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If you are wondering what type of content goes well on Facebook stories, the answer is simple; entertaining. You will have to find a way to give people instant gratification and answer their questions. However, Facebook stories are great for branding and marketing. Provided that you are making that personal connection.

Why Longer Content Is Having a Comeback on Social Media

I have had this client for a while. She has a strong brand, and we are killing it on Instagram, where short and snappy content is still the king. However, her Facebook is a completely diffferent story. I am not sure if you read Jim Rohn’t Seven Strategies for Wealth and Happiness. He tells you to be like an ant. I already am like an ant. I have been telling my clients all along; if I can’t go straight through it, I will go over, under, or around. but I will get there. I was struggling with this Facebook account, mainly because her audience was not engaged. Secondly, we were using the wrong content. Once we have switched to longer videos and content, the stats went up.

How to Find the Right Balance for Your Social Media Marketing Between Automation and Manual Engagement

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It is also important that you add a personal touch to your social media, so your can engage with people. I am not against social media automation, but it is important that you add a personal touch and allow people to connect with you. I always tell my customers that they need to add more personal content if they want their engagement to go up. My sales funnel coaching clients benefit from my tailored advice and improve their results straight away.

As a conclusion, you should check out Facebook stories, expreriment with them, and use them to find out what your audience reacts to, so you can improve your social media sales funnels.



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