If you are not sure whether or not custom sales funnels could improve your marketing and help you grow your small or medium sized business in the UK, below you will find an overview of the companies and industries we have worked with and helped. While marketing automation is still the “next big thing” in digital advertising, we believe that companies should focus on their unique selling proposition and their individual market’s needs to succeed. Below you will find a few examples of companies who have managed to benefit from online marketing services from Lola’s Sales Funnels.

Improve your sales via digital marketing
Sales improvement 
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Companies With Limited Marketing Budget

The motto of our brand is: “levelling the playing field of digital marketing for small and medium sized businesses in the UK. The reason for this statement is that long ago we realised that companies without hundreds or thousands of pounds to spend on testing and tweaking their campaigns will not be able to compete with big brands. We help them take the guesswork out of the equation and get it right the first time. This way, they can avoid losing money before they would make a sale.

Business Owners with Lack of Time to Advertise

Solopreneurs and self employed people looking to take their business to the next level often find it hard and time consuming to be present on all social media sites and online platforms. They don’t have hours to create content and posts, engage with each person, and review industry statistics. We offer market research as a part of some of our digital marketing sales funnel development packages, so they know exactly what type of messages their prospects react to.

Small and Medium Sized Businesses with a Growth Plan

Sales funnels for growth plans
Growth plan 
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Small businesses that would like to enter new markets, launch a new product or service, or simply increase their market share can also benefit from custom sales funnels. You can identify the target market, the people you would like to reach, and we can help you find out where they are hanging out on the internet. This way, you will not have to spend a fortune on PPC that doesn’t get you conversions or the right customers.

Trust-Based Businesses

We also work with a couple of businesses that find it hard to gain their customers’ trust. I am talking about counsellors, child psychologists, coaches, and accountants. If you would like to gain your customers’ trust, you will need more than a traditional sales funnel; it needs to have engagement elements and a brand story. We can help you identify the brand messages that will help your customers make an informed decision whether or not they should give your offer a go.

eCommerce Sites

One of the problems with eCommerce is that it is many times lacking personal interaction. The other problem is that it is hard to trust someone over the internet, even in the 21st Century. Most of our eCommerce clients find it hard to create a relatable and engaging brand and improve their credibility. We help them identify their unique brand messages and communicate them with the right people.


Startup sales funnel development
Startup UK Business
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Most startup companies in the UK fail in the first 5 years. In fact, over 90 percent of them. One of the reasons is that the majority of people have the passion and the idea but have no system to get customers. They are not marketing experts, but good at what they do. They spend money on a website that is just floating in empty space, and get zero results. They start magazine advertising, radio, and other methods, and still get no customers. We can help them with their market positioning, messages, and sales funnel development, too.

If you would like to find out more about how we work and why we deliver results for UK businesses across various industries, using custom sales funnels, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a free initial consultation, so you can decide whether or not your business could benefit from what we have to offer.

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