If you are doing any type of social media marketing, you might have come across fake followers. Facebook is already cracking down on inactive accounts, but Instagram is a younger platform, and it has its growing pains. Below you will find a few tips on how to spot and deal with fake followers.

How To Spot Fake Followers

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It is easy to spot fake followers if you know what you are looking for. Anyone with an empty profile, only a few pictures, or foreign posts on their page is potentially a fake account. If you have loads of followers, but no real likes on your posts, comments, and messaging requests, chances are that you are simply wasting your time posting on your account. Twitter also has some fake accounts, of course. They seem to be completely automated, and they will never retweet or comment on your posts.

Losing Followers Is a Surefire Sign of Fake Accounts

It is sometimes good to lose followers. If they are not engaged, or even are your mum or dad, neighbour, or anyone who is not interested in buying from you, there is no point for them to be on your page. It is a numbers’ game, but you have to focus on the right numbers to make your social media marketing work. If you gain and lose followers every day, you will need to check whether your account provides value. If it does, you simply need to draw a line and lose the fakes. Of course, there are loads of software that will follow other people, and unfollow them after a few days if they didn’t follow them back.

Try to Engage with Your Followers who Are Inactive

In some cases, your followers will be inactive, and they will need to be engaged. If you haven’t been consistent when it comes to your posts and your personal connections, they might have been put off by the lack of content on your page. When you are too busy working in your business, you will have no time to work on your business. That is why our social media management packages are popular among small and medium sized businesses. You will get consistency, content, and engagement, and save a lot of time, too.

Focus on Personal Relationships and Branding

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It is important that you keep your brand in front of your followers at all times. There are simply too many distractions on social media, and people will lose interest if you don’t stimulate their senses and carry on entertaining them. A social media post has to capture your brand and entertain people, but – most importantly¬† – answer the important question they all have: “what is in it for me and why should I care”.

If you need any help with social media engagement and marketing, get in touch with us and find out how we can help get real followers and engagement. You can check out our affordable social media management packages that include your branded content and book a free consultation after.

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