If you are looking to build your personal brand, networking should be a part of your sales funnel. It helps you create personal connections, share your mission and vision, and understand what makes your market buy. In fact, there are plenty of things in common between sales funnels development and networking. Find out more below. 

Builds Interest

networking for improved conversions

Networking and collaboration through sales funnels
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It is not easy to get noticed if you are a small fish in the big pond. You can be good at whatever you do in your business, but if you can’t showcase your talent, you will not make one single sale. Both sales funnels and networking help you create an interest in your target market and communicate your offers and your unique selling propositions in an effective way. 

Maintains Connections

A successful sales funnel – just like networking – also helps you maintain your relationships. You will not have to do the hard selling any more, instead you can focus on building connections that will refer clients to you or even check out your offers and come to you instead of being sold. I have had a discussion with a client the other day, and we agreed that the best leads are the ones that get in touch with you on their own accord. 

Nurtures Relationships

A good sales funnel doesn’t only create sales; it also builds relationships between your brand and your customers. It is hard to reach out personally to every single customer and prospect in a personalised way, but you can automate the process and stay in touch. Just like it is not enough to turn up at one networking event to make a sale, you will need to be present and in front of your market all the time. 

Creates Reciprocity

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Marketing and engagment
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When you start networking, you are first there to help people out and show them what you an do. If you are in it for the quick sale, you will never succeed. Likewise, you can’t expect people to buy from you the first time they land on your website or sales page. You will need to provide value before you could ask for your prospects’ email address or money. 

Improves Your Conversions 

If there is one main benefit of using networking and marketing funnels, it is that you will get more sales out of the same pool of leads. You don’t just want to go to a networking event or a trade show, collect business cards, and put them straight in the bin. That would be stupid. Likewise, you work hard to get people to visit your site, follow you on social media, or sign up for your newsletter; don’t waste your energy by not following up and turning them into customers. 

There are plenty of things in common between sales funnels and networking. The focus is on communicating your USP and your mission and vision, while providing value and creating reciprocity. If you would like to know how to use both of these marketing methods in your own business,  book a free consultation below. 

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