If you are in the competitive niche of coaches and consultants, it is important that you find an angle. This is not a  job for the average marketing agency. At LMNts Marketing, we only work with coaches and consultants, and we design every sales and marketing funnel based on their strength. We speak to loads of business coaches and consultants, but they need to have something unique to offer. Sometimes we just go in and dig deep to find an angle. All our clients have a marketing SWOT and ideal client exercise to work through before we start working for them. Our funnel agency doesn’t use cookie-cutter options. We are designing all coaching funnels from scratch. Find out mroe about what we do at our Frodsham digital marketing agency.

What A Marketing Funnel Agency Does

The main difference between a digital marketing agency and a marketing funnel expert is that we adopted a strategic thinking. While we do Facebook ads and paid campaigns, our main goal is to build a sustainable digital marketing system for your business that will carry on working 1-5-10 years from now, with little or no adjustments. There are loads of people who will say that they can get you a customer, but that doesn’t mean that you will know where your next client is coming from. If you have a marketing funnel agency on your side, you will have a more predictable business, and can carry on growing your client base month by month. We don’t only design marketing funnels, but we also work with you on maximising your return on investment.

The Challenge of Coaches and Consultants When Working with a Funnels Agency

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This week, I heard some horror stories from some of the coaches and consultants we spoke with about working with a Cheshire digital marketing agency. The client paid the company £8,500 in fees, and they got guess how many leads? ZERO. Nada. This horror story has beaten our previous one that was about an SEO company taking £1,500 in fees in three months and not delivering a single click to the website. Coaches and consultants operate in a highly competitive niche. Advertising costs on social media, Google, and even YouTube are going up, so you need to create a sustainable system. That is what we can help you with.

Our Bespoke Coaching Funnels UK

While we offer social media management services in the UK, and we are highly rated, it is a part of the puzzle. If you have a good look at our logo, you will see the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in it. There is a reason for that. Most coaches and consultants will have tons of great content and ideas already. What we do is connect them to make the picture work and be more engaging. It is strategic thinking, and that is why we are considered one of the best marketing funnel expert company by Clutch and DesignRush. We really sit down with the client and spend time to discover their unique message or “superpower”.

Coaching Social Media Management UK Service

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UK marketing funnels

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If you are looking to get a webinar online and create a funnel around it, you might be worried that the company will create the type of hype most people monetise in the United States. Our approach is different. We encourage our clients to create as much value as possible, gain trust, and then their conversion rates skyrocket. Our approach to sales funnel development is different. Check out the five pillars of our marketing funnels and you will understand more. We have a strong knowledge of the coaching and consulting market, so you don’t have to do your research. We will create a full report on your online presence so we can work through your marketing SWOT together.

Get In Touch With Our Sales Funnel Agency about Your Digital Marketing In Frodsham

No matter if you are a personal development coach, a business consultant, or any service based professional, such as a training provider, accountant, or business law specialist, we have some great ideas to share with you. You can drop in to our marketing agency in Frodsham, Cheshire if you book an appointment, or we can set up a Zoom, Skype, or Whatsapp call. We offer 30 minutes of our time for anyone who is serious about growing their business and developing the infrastructure to get more clients. You can book your free digital marketing consultation slot online and see what we have to say. Just a reminder; this is not a sales call. We are looking to help you succeed.

Free Digital Marketing Consultation for Coaches and Consultants: What Happens?

Once you book your slot, you will receive a confirmation via email. We will email you the day before our meeting to remind you. We will mainly listen to you talking about your business, how you are planning on growing it, and how you can benefit from an automated digital marketing system. We will ask you about your existing marketing methods and results. If you are happy to set up a second meeting to discuss the opportunities, we will schedule it and send over the notes for your records, as well as a few suggestions. You are under no obligation to work with us. Most of our clients come to us due to our reputation, and we don’t use pushy sales techniques.

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