As you might already know, I work with all my sales funnel clients very closely. I believe that they are great at what they do, but often struggle with technology and clarity in their business. I make them unstuck with their digital markeitng and help them undestand their strength and value. Below you can find a few case studies I am extremely proud of.

1. The Sales Funnel Client with Million Ideas

I have a client who is very professional, caring, and knows where she wants to be, but has millions of ideas. We have been working together for the second month now, and I managed to buld her a funnel that has a 93 percent open rate on a series of 7 emails and over 35 percent click rate. The problem is that she has too many ideas that are hard to put into one sales funnel.

When I suggested that we sit down for a chat and go through the digital marketing plan, I knew it would be a long one. It was actually a 2.5 hours meeting, but it was worth it. We are now scaling up her marketing campaign, working on a sub niche we identified during the brainstorming session, and are reusing various content to create more engagement.

Did I mention that she had an ongoing Facebook promotion going on that she just stopped, and now we are getting more engagement than with the ads?

Oh, what made me happy? She actually just commented on one of my LinkedIn posts this:


2. The Professional Coach Trying to Implement a Sales Funnel

One of my first clients is a coach, who is struggling to stand out from the competition. It is an industry that is easy to break into, but hard to succeed in. We went through my Ideal Client worksheet again, to embed the messages in his mind and focus on the right audience with the campaigns.

We identified that Twitter and Facebook were not doing as well as LinkedIn, but came to the conclusion that we can carry on wiht the branding messages on these platform and keep on focusing on creating engagement on LinkedIn, as it is where his target customers are hanging out, anyway. He called me the other day, and sent me an email asking for tips. I was happy to reply straight away. Because I care. He just told me that I have a secret power knowing when to check on him or send over some motivational tips.

3. A Digital Marketing Client Who Wasted £200 per Month for No Results

I also work with a client who has had issues with his website and I fixed it. I simply showed him how to get thousands of video views using his own photos on Facebook for free, and he got back to me today, saying that he wanted to work with me.

We were on the phone for a while, and he told me that he was paying £200 to to run his ads. They sent over a representative to upsell his package and get him more exposure for an extra £100. Of course, he told them what to think. After I redesigned his site and made it easier for him to manage it, so he can create posts and add photos, he started gettinig loads of search engine traffic. He was happy to let me know that he got an enquiry through the site and he is likely to get the job. Here are his stats after I relaunched the site:

stats wp

It feels good to deliver results and get people to recognise the value you offer. If you would like to learn more about how I deliver results and help people make the most out of their digital markeitng sales funnels. you should get in touch to arrange a free consultation. download (2)


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