Many clients we talk to have already attempted to build their sales funnel before. They signed up for a hype on social media, got no value or content out of it, or signed up for a free trial with one of the software suites, and failed to figure out what they are supposed to do. That is why we started to offer sales funnel development packages for business owners who are simply too busy to figure it out themselves. Find out how to decide what type of marketing funnel you need.

Your Audience

You will need to know exactly what your audience is looking for, how they behave, and what their main problems are. If you can become the number one expert, you will be able to tailor your funnels to their needs. Look for ways to reduce the risk for people looking to engage with your brand online, so you can get them to say yes at every stage. Coaching and consulting clients can benefit from a Yes funnel or a Webinar funnel. We work with loads of coaches and consultants and find that they focus on the wrong audience or content. A webinar is much easier and cheaper to set up than filling a seminar.

Your Product

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Of course the sales funnel software you choose will depend on your product or service, too. Some of the software will be better for physical products, while others will be amazing at getting people to sign up for your webinars. You have to check the price tag, as well, and ensure that you are adding a low risk offer as well as upsells and downsells.

Your Reputation

The higher your existing reputation is, and the more social proof you have out there, the easier it will be to get your action pages to convert. You should always add customer testimonials and feedback, so you can gain your visitors’ trust. This is an important part of the sales funnel development process.

Your Brand

You should always pay attention to your online brand, and check whether people have positive associations with the messages you are using. I created a case study about a Facebook ad by a credit card company that completely flopped. The marketing agency failed to research the attitude of the audience, and the targeting was off. As a result, loads of negative comments were made on the Facebook ad. You can check out our Facebook ad case study here.

Your Budget

Of course, you will also have to check your budget. ClickFunnels is over 99 dollars a month, for the limited functionality package. LeadPages is not much behind. Therefore, you will have to either find a cheaper alternative, or get someone to develop your sales funnels who knows what they are doing. This will not only be a better investment of your digital marketing advertising money, but you will also save a lot of time and frustration. Our sales funnel development packages start at £799 for existing brands, and they include all the content you need to make your marketing work.

Before you sign up for the next free trial of social media marketing and sales funnel software, make sure you book a  free consultation to find out how we can help.


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