During the past few years, we have helped dozens of small business owners make sense of their digital marketing and generate leads using social media sales funnels. There are two main services we are offering to our clients; personalised full service digital marketing, social media management packages, and individual coaching. Below you will find out more about our full service digital marketing packages.

What You Get:

Depending on the service you are taking on, you will get a free market research included in your digital marketing package. Our full service sales funnels also include your initial sales funnel map and design, KPI management, campaign development, and social media automation. This means that you can simply sit back and relax, knowing that you are improving your branding and reputation every day.

Social media statisticsHow our social media marketing packages for small business owners deliver results


Instead of sending out long reports that you will never understand, we are going to create a one-sheet document every month that will tell you how your audience grew on different social media platforms, and how much traffic you got to your website. We are here to help you focus on the right numbers. We will provide you with statistics like this, so you can always know what is going on behind the scenes. Unlike some companies, we don’t use push button solutions and black hat SEO.

Full Control to the Client

One of the main benefits of our fully managed sales funnel and social media management packages is that you are in full control. We will send over your content calendar before we start working on your accounts, and you will get the full report of what we have to offer. This means that you are in full control. If you are unhappy with the approach, you simply disconnect your accounts, and you are good to go. After all, you are the person who knows the business more than anyone.

Coaching and Strategy Development for Your Social Media Marketing

Some of our higher packages will include sales funnel coaching, and the main reason for this is client education. We want you to become a co-creator of your digital marketing, and you will need to have the right measurement tools and skills. We will deliver this in an easy to understand format. Some business owners also would like to take over their sovial media and handle it in-house. That is why we have some affordable staff training packages in Cheshire available for small companies.

Press Releases

One of the ways we help smaller businesses stand out and get noticed is our bespoke press release service. We are experts at what we do, and have created various press releases for our sites and clients in multiple industries.

Our press release campaigns get hundreds of views and dozens of clicks in the first 24 hours, due to our optimised content and expert approach, even on a free account.

Here are some statistics for some of the latest results.

12581042PublishedWindows 10 Anniversary Update Release and PC Issues15422016-08-19
12416657PublishedPayday Loan Lenders Just Became Fairer Due to Regulation5482015-01-21
12265197PublishedWirral Company Offers SEO for Existing Sites6562014-01-09
12263955Published2014 Online Advertising and SEO Trends in the UK Ellesmere Port26602014-01-06
12087378PublishedPrepaid Credit Cards Help People Budgeting8062013-02-26
12076361PublishedHow You Should Not Approach Debt Consolidation8132013-02-08


If you are interested in getting your marketing work, make sure that you check out our full service digital marketing packages. If you don’t know which account would be the most suitable for your business, feel free to contact us.

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