You might have been thinking about putting a sales funnel into place for your online or offline business, but have no idea how to get started. There are plenty of software that promise you to take care of the process and design for you, but, at the end of the day, nothing beats a good brainstorming session. If you want to succeed with your marketing funnel development, it is important that you tailor the elements and touchpoints to the industry and your target market’s behaviour. Below you will find a few characteristics of successful marketing funnels we have designed.

They Are Based on Research

Every marketing sales funnel should be designed based on a solid knowledge about the industry, the competition, and the demand, as well as customer behaviour. If you know what your potential clients are looking for, and how they make their buying decisions, you can tailor the different promotions and touchpoints to their needs. You will be able to find the Unique Selling Proposition for your business that will attract your niche and make your brand stand out.

They Save Time and Money for Small Business Owners

One of the main benefits of marketing funnel development is that it helps you – as a business owner in the UK – work smarter and not harder. Instead of experimenting with various offers and marketing channels, you can stop shooting in the dark and focus on the most effective promotion methods that will work for you business. You no longer have to follow up leads in person or record conversion rates; the funnel will take care of it for you.

They Improve Conversion Rates

The main purpose of marketing funnel development should be to improve your sales and conversion rates. By adding touch points into the process, you can stay in touch with your prospects and build rapport. You can segment your prospects, as well, so you can send out personalised messages for every lead, helping them make an informed decision. You might buy thousands of visitors to your site, but if you fail to follow them up, chances are that you will not get any sales.

They Focus on Relationships

There should be a better name invented for sales funnels, as their main aim might be selling your products or services, but the buyer journey and experience is also important. This means that you will have to build an emotional relationship with your buyers and listen to them, answer to the questions they are too afraid to ask, and help them out to build reciprocity. Every touchpoint should be talking directly to your potential client, instead of being too promotional and impersonal.

They Help You Build Trust

In many industries, trust is essential. If you run a business online, chances are that you will not meet people in person. This means they will be naturally suspicious about whether or not you keep your promises. Adding a personal story, providing insights and case studies, implementing testimonials and feedback scores in your sales funnels will help you get your website visitors to trust you and like you at the same time.

They Are Built on Clear and Consistent Brand Messages

sales funnel demonstration

Before you can get started with designing your marketing sales funnel, it is important that you are clear about your mission, your vision, your goals, and your USP. Without this, you will not be able to define the direction of your marketing campaigns and design a sales funnel that will give out the right marketing messages. You have to communicate what your brand is about and how you are different from people offering substitute products or services.

Marketing Funnels Reduce the Sales Cycle

Let’s say that you run a coaching business and sell high ticket training materials. You will be very lucky to sell to people who just landed on your site the first time. In fact, it takes around 8-16 visits until people remember your brand and consider buying. Until then, they are sitting on the fence. By implementing an effective sales funnel, you can keep in touch with them and answer their secret questions and address their objectives. Understanding your buyer’s behavior will help you convert leads into customers faster.

According to some of our coaching and business clients, marketing funnels are the life saver of many small businesses. You are already too busy doing the job and chasing leads, and have no time to do the research and implement the systems. If you need any help with your sales funnel development, get in touch below for a free consultation.

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