You know in business when you feel like you want to do something, you have to do something, and you should have done something ages ago. This is how we felt when it comes to our own training all the time. LMNts Marketing can only help so many people in person. For example, we offer a free sales funnel breakthrough call, a £47 Marketing SWOT and done-for-you sales funnel and social media packages. However, not all businesses can afford a monthly commitment, and – believe it or not – some business owners are crazy enough to want to learn the stuff themselves.

special offer on sales funnel coaching

This is why we launched our very own training on our Toucan-Marketing website. The idea came to us on Friday morning, and the page was up on Monday. We didn’t even work during the weekend. Yes, the site is not perfect, it is not the final design, but it is functional. And we are getting traction. Why?

Because our customers and connections know very well how much value we offer to clients. And they trust us. Of course, it took a few years to get all those reviews, get listed on DesignRush and Clutch, as well as many marketing directories. But it is worth it.

What Is Included In Our Full Sales Funnel and Social Media Marketing Training

Our special sales funnel offer includes three month’s access to all our live and pre-recorded training 24/7 for only £199. Best of all, you can drop me a line or comment and I will be more than happy to get in touch to explain it further. You will also be invited to a marketing mastermind webinar that will simply blow your mind. Here is a snapshot of the page.

social media and sales funnel training

You Must Invest In Yourself to Grow Your Business

If there is one thing I tell all my clients it is that they need to invest in their business to grow it. Just ask yourself what you would like to achieve this coming year and what you need to improve. Chances are that you will need more leads and more conversions. Without marketing, you will never get there. Investing in your business is one of the necessary things to do. I know it can be scary and painful, but it is all about stepping up your game and taking responsibility. Are you ready?

Invest In Your Marketing to Get to The Next Stage in 2020

What is it you want your business to deliver? Less time spent working and talking to leads? Getting people to recognize your brand? Consistency? More long term clients? Better conversion rates? Whatever you need, a sales funnel will help you get it. After all, we are all humans, and doing everything manually or chasing dead leads is not the best use of our time as business owners. My gift to you is this 3-month sales funnel accelerator program that will help you understand your business, your market, your opportunities, and your clients, so you can market to them more effectively.

Grab the offer while it lasts and enroll in my bespoke training, covering sales funnels, social media posts, and everything in between. I have changed the game for dozens of business owners in the past few years, developing marketing funnels, and now you can get the same help for much less.

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