We have some big announcements to make. LMnts Marketing has been shortlisted to be featured as one of the top full service digital marketing agencies in the world. I know, this sounds crazy, and we didn’t want to believe it ourselves, either. We promise we didn’t pay for the sponsored position. Here is the link to the press release. 

Best of all, the company has managed to capture exactly what we are doing and how we approach digital marketing sales funnels for small and medium sized businesses.

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What We Stand For at LMNts Marketing

We stand for honesty and integrity. In fact, we started our digital marketing agency out of frustration. After freelancing for some of the largest companies out there, we realised that they were providing little or no value. After this, we created a service that is accessible for small and medium sized business owners around the world, and levelling the playing field of digital marketing. We make up in creativity what they lack in budget and scale.

How We Approach Digital Marketing Sales Funnels

We believe that every business is different, and each of them deserves a personalised approach. We sit down with the business owners and find out exactly what their main marketing challenges are. Chances are that they might have fallen for the hype more than once, and this means that they need some clarity. They might also have spent a lot of money on services and courses that didn’t work.

Our Social Media Marketing Approach

We believe that social media lead generation provides the best return on investment, and that is the main reason why we are using this method. Our social media sales funnels are designed for the need of the business and are hand crafted every time. Instead of clicking a few buttons and getting paid, we are happy to chat about different strategies. We don’t claim to know everything about the business; we might be good at marketing, but not experts in legal services or plumbing,

Affordable Digital Marketing Services for Businesses

We mainly work with local businesses, but have clients all over the world. The reason for this is because we are getting recommendations left, right, and centre. We are as affordable as a freelancer, and as professional as any agency out there. As we say it: we are like having an in-house marketing team, only cheaper.

We are Available to Have a Chat About Your Digital Marketing

Of course, we are happy to sit down with any business owner, and are holding online and in-person training as well to help those on a shoestring budget or startups generate results as quickly as possible. We believe that providing excellent value to our clients boosts our reputation long term, and helps us get to where we want to be. We plan to be here long term, and that is why we are committed to generating results every time.

If you are confused about digital marketing, need someone to explain how social media lead generation or sales funnels work, schedule a call with us and we will be happy to help.



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