Some people overcomplicate lead generation, and – as a result – they get nothing done. By allocating 30-40 minutes a day to your engagement on social media, you can have all the leads your business needs. In the past few weeks, I experimented with Quora and engagement campaigns, and here are the results.

Quora Is a Great Site to Establish yourself as an Expert

If you are new to a niche, and would like to establish yourself as an expert, you should join Quora. You will have to find out what people are interested in. It is not only one of the most powerful market research tools, but you will also make great connections. By choosing the categories you can answer questions in, you will get a link back to your profile, but this is not the end game. You will also get followers, clicks to your site, and engagement. I have received loads of click throughs and upvotes in the past few weeks, by investing just a few minutes a day.

Quora Will Give You Valuable Backlinks

If you are wondering what the main benefit of Quora is, it is search engine rankings. I noticed a massive change in my search engine ranking positions, and I finally hit page one for keywords with over 1 billion results. Of course, you will still need to carry on creating content and managing your social media, but Qura will boost your results for sure. You can check out our social media content packages to see how we can make the process easy for you.

Blog Commenting Is Still Great for Link Building

Apart from Quora, I have been building links on other popular blogs, too. I have been a guest blogger for many sites, and these links are finally paying off. However, it is crucial that you look at your Google site stats and find out which keywords are relevant and which ones have enough volume for you to generate traffic. Our full service sales funnel management packages include this feature, so you don’t have to do this alone.

Social Engagement In An Hour a Day

My strategy is limited to 20 minutes spent on Quora and maximum of 30 minutes spent on social media. Here are some of the things I have been doing to make my social media sales funnels convert better.

  • visibility: commenting on LinkedIn posts and Facebook groups
  • sharing my posts on popular groups
  • answering questions on Quora
  • sharing my answers on social media, especially Twitter
  • finding content to reshare

How To Boost Your Sales Funnel Conversions

Without a sales funnel, however, you will never reach your digital marketing goals. You need people to take action and say yes at every stage. This is exactly why we are using sales funnels to follow up with those who land on our page. There are certain ways they can say yes:

  • sign up for the updates or blog
  • download the free report on the side
  • use the free downloadable tools in the resources section
  • follow us on social media

All these actions are small yes votes, and get people to enter our sales funnel.

Are you looking to generate high converting traffic to your business using social media? Download our free report or check out our sales funnel development packages.


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