If the current economic downturn, due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus has slowed your business down, and you might have had to postpone some projects, is is important that you don’t put off your digital marketing sales funnel development. This current situation has given us all a chance to take a step back and think long and hard about what matters and how we can make our sales and marketing more effective.

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Fire Ceremony for Businesses

The current situation is more than uncertain, In fact, it is like a fire ceremony for businesses. Many of them will need to reinvent themselves, so they can carry on serving their customers. No matter if you have been trading online or offline, you will have to come up with new solutions that are more cost-effective. Provide more value and better service, but – most importantly – make sure that you stay in front of your customers. They will have more time looking through emails now than ever, and you can communicate better. And you also have to consider that people will remember you when you if you help them out now.

We Have Built Three Funnels Since the Lockdown

Funny enough; we have already built three funnels for our customers while on lockdown. Even though we decided not to work from the office, we can still support local and remote customers who might be looking for advice and guidance. We are still taking bookings for a marketing SWOT, which is more relevant than ever. We have created a funnel for a new report that will lead to an eBook, a course, and a coaching funnel, too. However, we are not meeting people face-to-face; we have Zoom and Skype.

How LMNts Marketing Keeps Going and What We Have Done So Far about our Digital Marketing

Of course, we are supporting our remote workers online and are collaborating with some of the customers. At the same time, we are building a great service; a webinar series, which will be launching in a few days, called “Business Fire Ceremony”. We are still doing online networking events, and we have great tips on social media for those who have more time than money at the moment, so they are able to improve their marketing.

Have a look at our office window covered in motivational quotes for anyone passing by 😉

LMNts Marketing

our motivational quotes from LMNts Marketing, your digital agency in Frodsham, Cheshire

We Offer More Value to Help Serious Business Owners Out in Digital Marketing

As money is tight for most businesses, we started to introduce a value package and an online training. Our sister site, Toucan-marketing has had a social media training module, charged at £150/month. We decided to offer a free month’s trial due to the business disruption caused by the Coronavirus, and reduce the price to £25 afterwards per month. If you would like to try our social media training, check out the link and get started now. You can grab a discount of £125 lifetime and free one month’s access with the code 10289BE46A.  Here is the link.

Our Current Sales Funnel and Social Media Packages During the Pandemic

We continue to offer the sales funnel and social media packages remotely to clients. As we always complete the ideal client and marketing SWOT exercises before we sign up the client, these are now moved online. However, you will still get the same level of communication you normally would when you are working with us online. We have our Slack and Trello accounts fully set up for collaboration.

Keep on Swimming or Go Under

The final message we would like to send to our potential, current, and past customers is that we are here for you and nothing is too much trouble. You will have to stay on top of your marketing or you will go under. Let’s have a chat with one of our team members and find out how we can carry on supporting you.

Also, watch out for the updates on the upcoming webinars; Business Fire Ceremony on Facebook.

Stay safe, spread love, not germs!


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