If you know about me, you might know that I have worked for some of the largest SEO and content management companies in the UK and US in the past few years as a freelancer, before I launched my own sales funnel agency. The reason I had to change is the lack of control over the strategy of clients’ overall digital marketing strategy. I realised that I need to develop a holistic approach to digital marketing, and sales funnels provided me with the answer. Find out why I love what I am doing.

Direct Contact with the Business Owner

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The reason why I decided to work with small and medium sized businesses instead of large companies that have a larger digital marketing budget is because I know that it makes a huge difference in their lives to have an automated custom sales funnel. My mission is to level the playing field of digital marketing for my UK small business clients, but I can’t do this without getting to know their brand and market first. My approach helps them look at online marketing as an investment, not a cost.

Measuring Results

My social media management packages allow full transparency, which means that I can measure the results of every campaign. I could never go off and develop social media management packages or sales funnels without asking my client about who their ideal client is and who they want to reach. My social media packages allow me to generate a report on who is visiting the page, who is engaging with the post, and when people are online. Investing in my own white label social media software helped me make more sense of digital marketing campaigns.

Making Social Media Packages Work for Small Businesses in the UK

When it comes to social media management, I can understand that the majority of small and medium sized business owners are overwhelmed. Most people I work with are sole traders, who try to grow their business and manage everything alone. Taking a couple of hours off every week to learn social media is out of the question. By automating what I can and scheduling their posts, we can reclaim some of their time and stop shooting in the dark, too.

Testing and Tweaking

One of the things that makes our social media management approach powerful is that we can learn where we can make an adjustment in tour clients’ digital marketing strategy. By identifying the winning post or content, we can replicate them and get rid of the less effective ones. This helps our clients maximise the return on their digital marketing investment and optimise their conversion rates across the sales funnel.

Being Able to Communicate What Is Going On and the Benefits of the Sales Funnel

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Thanks to the tools we are using to map our sales funnels, we can communicate better with our clients. I designed a structure that makes it easy for them to identify why their digital marketing is not working, and help them find the solution with us.

If you would like to learn more about our small business sales funnels, get in touch and book a free consultation. Start making digital marketing work for your business.

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