I have had an amazing coaching session this week with my personal business coach, Tony Mazzotti. We were talking about growing my business, and I had an idea. What is happening if I can no longer manage multiple sales funnels? Outsourcing is of course an option, but I decided to create my own system. Find out why. 

Where I am Now

digital marketing technology
Growing pains of a growing digital marketing business

At the moment, I am using multiple physical folders for each client and a shared Google Doc folder to send over plans and designs. I also upload my coaching notes there. However, there is a massive disadvantage of this system, especially if my business is growing as quickly in the future as it is now. I am afraid of falling apart and confusing campaigns. I need a CRM designed for sales funnels. 

My Idea of the Perfect Digital Marketing Management System

If you have followed me in the past years, you might know that I am coming from a corporate background, and I have worked as a copywriter for a few years for some of the largest digital marketing companies. They all had a CMS or content management system, however, it only tackled the workflow of delivering content, instead of full campaigns. I need something that will allow me to find all the related information and files with one click. I am sure that it will work. 

WordPress and Content Management

I do two things these days to help customers; social media and sales funnel development and website creation for startups. However, at the moment WordPress is giving me some grief, and I am unable to finish one project. Don’t get me wrong; I have created loads of WordPress sites. but when things go wrong on the back end, all can do is start from scratch. This means I am too focused on the setup and cannot work on the digital marketing strategy. I need a project management system. Let me know if you have a good idea. 

Website development and design
Some of the WordPress sites I have worked on in the past few weeks

On the other hand, I also schedule customers’ posts and social media strategy. This requires a lot of focus. You must understand that I am not too happy when clients call that they want to change the background image of their site or would like me to create an infographic for an upcoming launch. 

I have learned a few lessons this week. First of all; you need to create capacity or free some up through automation and advanced campaign management if you would like to grow your business. Second, while websites alone are not a key to digital marketing success, they are essential for sales funnel development. 

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