If you are wondering whether or not you need a website, you are asking the wrong question. Of course, you need a site to display your talent and to build your brand, but it has to do more for you. If you are missing the main branding and ditital marketing elements from your site, you will never get the conversion rates you are dreaming of.

Next time you are checking the design and the messages of your website, look for this essential, but often neglected element: Call-To-Action. Are you telling your visitors what you want them to do, or leave them guessinig and click away? Below you will find a few reasons why call-to-actions are important for every digital marketing sales funnel.


Your website needs to tell your visitors how they can contact you and what is in it for them, or they will not engage with your brand. A clear call-to-action on every page will improve your website engagement, get people to visit other pages, and improve your search engine rankings, reducing your bounce rate. You have to design your call-to-action messages in a way that they don’t appear too spammy and are irresistible at the same time.

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Logical Flow

When visiting websites, people often get distracted, and are looking for the next logical step. Let’s say that you are offering sales coaching for businesses. What if you are telling them that they can download a brochure or eBook for free? Would it make them take action? Of course, it would. They are willing to engage with your brand, if you offer value.  You will be surprised how many professionals miss this element out of their website, though.


I have heard about digital marketing packages that tracked traffic and likes, but not engagement and conversions. If you are currently tied up in one of these deals, I urge you to get in touch to see what else is out there. You need to design your website and every element of your sales funnel with the desired result in mind. If you don’t, you will end up shooting in the dark and focusing on the wrong numbers.

Lead Generation

Many website owners don’t consider their website to be a powerful lead generation tool. No matter if you are looking to get people to follow your blog posts, sign up for discount offers and news, or give you an opportunity to showcase your talent and book a free consultation, you cannot underestimae the lead generation power of websites. That is why mapping your sales funnel is a good way of getting more traction and discovering new marketing opportunities.

List Building

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Only a very small percentage of people are going to buy from you the first time they land on your website, If you are paying for traffic, you might be wasting a lot of money on traffic and miss out on generating a list of potential buyers. That is why you should work on a sales funnel that drives people through the process, engages with them, and gives them a good enough reason to consider taking on your services or trying your products.

Your website can be a powerful lead generation tool, if it is designed well. But not without pwoerful call-to-actions. If you are struggling to create these marketing messages, drop me a line below (can you see how I used call-to-action on this page), and you can pick my brains over a coffee or via Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts.


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