If you would like to engage with your customers, you will need to learn from the best in service. Have you ever had a luxury holiday where all the questions you wanted to ask were answered and you didn’t even have to ask for extras, you got them? When it comes to digital marketing and sales funnels, exceptional service pays off, too. Find out how you can educate your customers through your sales funnel and engage with them while creating reciprocity. 

Helping Them Make Informed Buying Decisions

When people land on your site, the first question they have is “what is in it for me”? If you can’t answer it within a few seconds, you might never see them again. However, as they start reading your blog and checking out your offers, they will inevitably have more questions that need answering. If you can create a questions and answers page or make the ordering process interactive, you increase their confidence that they are making the right decision.

Increasing Loyalty

customer loyalty and marketing funnels
Customer journey via sales funnels 
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People buy from people, and if you go the extra mile to help out your clients, you will be rewarded by customer loyalty. Just remember the last restaurant you have received exceptional service. Are you more likely to return there than somewhere just OK? Of course, you are. Great customer service and education will also help you 

Building Trust Through Honesty

trust and marketing sales funnels
Building trust through sales funnels 
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It is hard to trust someone with your money and order you never met before. You need to make it clear for your customers that you know what you are talking about, and you are an expert. If you publish infographics, videos about how your service and product works, as well as case studies, you are more likely to gain their trust through honesty and openness. 

Answering Questions They Are Secretly Asking

One of the trickiest parts of building online engagement sales funnels is putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. If you can guess the questions they are secretly asking, you are doing better than 90 percent of your competitors. Research online forums and question and answer sites, such as Quora, so you get to know the most urgent problems your clients are facing and addressing them through your sales funnel communication. 

Building Reciprocity

Many business owners are afraid of giving away content and information, fearing that they will compromise their conversions. In reality, you will achieve the opposite; if you give them details about what you are talking about in your eBook in a free report, they will feel more confident that the content is relevant to their situation, and their buying decision will become a no-brainer. 

Educating your customers pays off. You can engage with your potential clients in a two-way conversation that will help you understand their needs and preferences better. It also helps you establish yourself as an expert and gain trust. For more personalised tips, get in touch with us for a free brainstorming session below. 

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