There is a lot of talking about social media marketing for small businesses. I work with micro businesses trying to grow, small businesses with just a couple of companies, and medium sized businesses, too. However, the frustration many managers face is the lack of time. Let’s say that you are a gardener. You want to be on social media, but spend your day providing proposals and doing the job. Either your work or your marketing will suffer.

How Much Time You Can Free Up

One of the things you should consider before thinking about automating your digital marketing and your social media is how much time you really spend trying to get your business noticed online? It is not all about posting updates and creating pots; it is the distraction, too. You will notice that your friend has a new pet, you decide to watch a new video or ad, and hours have passed. how much money could you have earned during that time? Now, suddenly outsourcing makes a lot more sense.

How You Can Stay In Control

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Unfortunately, there are several social media management companies that will plan their campaign without you. My advice is: stay away from them. If your social media marketing and branding doesn’t capture your vision and values, there is absolutely no chance that you will attract the right people. Our social media management packages are based on an initial consultation, the assessment of your needs, and we never start a campaign without helping you define your USP. At the same time, you will not have to give up control and share your passwords: our white label software developed last year will take care of all that.

Staying Consistent Is the Key

When it comes to social media marketing, you need to be consistent. You simply cannot use different styles, messages, and colours, and expect your readers to recognise you. When it comes to the style of your content, your messages, and your brand colours and log, you should not get carried away. It is important that you create AB testing in the beginning to find out which buzz words get people to stop and listen. However, once you have the statistics like the one below. you will understand what you should be posting on each social media platform.

How To Win the Social Media Marketing Game


Trying to Manage Your Social Media On Your Own

When I sit down with small and medium sized business owners, they tell us that social media is either overwhelming or takes too much time. Not to mention that – without a strategy and plan – they will end up “shootinig in the dark”. You can invest in a social media management platform (up to £70 per month) and try to figure out how to work the system. Or you can get a strategy built by professionals and sit back, focusing on the big picture. Our social media management packages start at £150 and include three platforms of your choice.

Understanding and Measuring Results

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If you are unable to measure your results and find out which posts are doing well, it is impossible to create a winning social media strategy. This is why we offer this service as a part of our monthly packages. You will get a full report on your audience and engagement growth, and next time we sit down to talk about strategy we will identify the best way to penetrate the market and get people hooked up on your content.

The Real Cost of Social Media Management Packages

My own social media and digital marketing sales funnel software would cost you hundreds of pounds each month, and you would find it complicated to use. However, as I have various clients from all over the country, I am able to offer the same quality service at a discount price, as I am spreading the cost. Getting a VA to manage one of your social media accounts might cost you a minimum of £100 per month, and that is a friendly price. And you would not have control over the content and posting schedule.

If you would like to find out more about our social media packages and are interested to sit down for a no-obligation marketing overview, get in touch below or check out our prices.

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