If you are getting started with promoting your business, you might be looking for digital marketing soltuions that will help you get the word out and connect with potential buyers. There are loads of lies circulating about how to promote your business online, and if you fall for the hype, you will be setting unrealistic expectations and soon be disappointed. Below you will find a few lies people will tell you about digital marketing.

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1. Social Media Marketing Is Free

There are loads of people who will tell you that you ca advertise on social media for free. However, this is not true. You will not get social media marketing right, therefore, you will need to experiment, if you don’t want to end up shooting in the dark. There are several things you need to learn and building and mapping a sales funnel will take a while. Therefore, spending time on learning these skills and bending over statistics will take away your productive time. Time is money, so social media marketing is not free. The good news is that you can now automate and analyse your social media posts and save time and effort. Our social media packages are affordable, considering the time you save and the information you gain.

2. You Can Use Software

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There are certain social media and digital marketing software out there, but you have to invest time and effort to use it. For example, sales funnel management software, such as ClickFunnels and LeadPages are great if you are looking to automate your digital marketing, but they don’t offer you custom solutions. Some of my sales funnel clients signed up for a free trial and simply couldn’t figure out how to use the platform or found no time to master it. They came to us to take care of their sales funnel development and management so they can focus on what matters in their business.

3. Starting with Paid Ads Is the Best Way Forward

I don’t offer paid advertising services, at least in the initial stages of the digital marketing strategy development. You need to get to know your networks, your audience, and identify your target market and ideal customer to tailor the messages to their needs. For example, you might think that smart quotes would create more engagement, but in fact your personal stories will do much better. Once we figured out what works, feel free to throw money into social media and Google ads.

4. Just Create Content and See if It Sticks

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People often misunderstand the statement that “content is king”. Of course, it is true, but not just any content. You will need to be relatable, so your readers can get closer to the “like me” moment, when they realise that there is a connection between your values and theirs or your offers and their demand. This doesn’t happen overnight, and consistency has a lot to do with success.

5. Customers Will Come To You

Another stinky lie is that people will find you if they want to. This is not true, or networking and joining social media groups and online communities would not be popular,. You need to stay in front of your clients’ eyes in order to get a chance to engate with them. You don’t have to do the hard sales, but you canoffer valuable content that will generate trust.

If you have stopped believing these big fat lies of digital marketing, you have already embarked on a journey to success. Remember that shortcuts, cookie-cutter options, and easy buttons don’t work. It is all about integrity, branding, and consistency. Feel free to leave us a message and arrange a free consultation to see how we can improve your sales funnels and digital marketing results.





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