If you didn’t know The Queen of Sales Funnels a couple of years back, it is not your fault. I had the product, the skills, the knowledge, and the value to provide for clients, but I failed to go out there and engage with them. Not to mention that I was going through some family issues, too. About 18 months ago, I decided to attend a Business Expo and came across networking, It only took me another year to sign up. Find out how engaging with people in person has helped me get my message across. 

People Buy from People

Small and medium sized business owners have been burnt by big marketing companies that promised the Earth and delivered nothing. or freelancers who let them down. I heard that story too many times. When you are working with a limited budget, you need to make sure you can trust the person you are dealing with. This is why I decided to implement Networking in my sales funnel. 

You Need to Showcase Your Talent

One of the challenges of creating digital marketing sales funnels is that you can demonstrate your skills and create reciprocity. You will get feedback and referrals, and don’t even have to ask for them. Simply help people out and give them some personalised advice. Have a look at the shoutout I received this week. How many people do you think have seen the post? Tons. 

Understanding My Niche

Another benefit of sitting down and talking to your potential customers is that it actually helps you develop your sales funnel in a way that it responds to their biggest and most important problems and questions. Networking and meeting clients in person will help you understand your market and your potential customers’ needs better. This is the reason why I offer a free consultation for new customers thinking about improving their digital marketing. 

Finding Like Minded People

One of the things you can learn from supporting small businesses is that you are not alone. You will find other companies whose vision and mission, as well as their values are aligned with yours. And that is where the magic happens. I accidentally came across The Rainmakers Hub a few weeks back, and discovered that we share the mission of helping startups and small and medium sized businesses make the most out of their skills and opportunities.  They offer membership at just £5 per month, and I made it one of my missions to spread the word about them in the North West of England. 


Getting Raving Fans

Once you under-promise and over-deliver, you will see magic happen. You will no longer come across new customers, but fans. They will be just as passionate about what you are doing as you are. You don’t need to guide them through the first few stages of the sales funnel; they will start very low, and you often don’t even have to ask for their business or referrals. They will be quick to give you a public recommendation and help you out, because you have created reciprocity. 

Feedback LinkedIn 

One of the most neglected elements of sales funnels is engagement and building trust. Whether you are a small business owner or a startup, you will need to add personal relationships and networking to your sales funnel, as well as social media posting and commenting.

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