One of the greatest challenges web designers and software developers have is that they are good at what they do, know their customers, but they don’t know how to reach them. No matter how well your software solves the problem your audience has, if they don’t know about it they will not buy into your company. That means that the top of your sales funnel is blocked, and you have to find a way to overcome this problem. Find out more below.

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Free Trials

One of the best ways of getting people to find out about your offer and solution is offering a free trial. Often times, people are too protective of what they have, and are reluctant to offer a trial. In fact, you will not lose money, but you could get people to give you an honest review and share your offers. If you provide an incentive for them to share your post, or review your software, they will. You have to target the early adopters, so you can reach their followers.

Webinar Funnels

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If your software is more complicated and needs training, why not provide it through a webinar or even Facebook live? There are plenty of great ways you can add people to your sales funnel through education. But nothing is as effective than webinars. Thanks to the latest development in videoconferencing, you have multiple options to choose from, when it comes to setting up your webinar funnels. You will have to qualify the leads, ask questions, and send out reminders, add people to your autoresponder, so you can contact them before and after the webinar. You will need to create an irresistible offer for your webinar audience, as well, so they feel special and valued.

Facebook Groups

If you are new to marketing your software, you will have to find out where your potential buyers are hanging out. Make sure that you download my free ideal client sheet that will help you answer some of the most important questions about your target audience and find them. Chances are that there are a couple of online social media groups they are hanging out. If you are selling high ticket software, you might even look on LinkedIn groups for your target audience and create a special offer.

Affiliate Programs

In case you simply cannot handle marketing your software day in and day out, your best bet is to set up your affiliate program. This means that you will have to use a special software or plugin that will track your links. However, there are some great alternatives, such as CPA networks and affiliate hubs. You can sign up as a seller at JVZoo, so you can get other people – often advanced marketers – to promote your offers and get you the exposure you are looking for.

Customer Referrals

Once you have reached the early adopters, it might be time to get them to help you grow your business further. Make sure that you are asking for referrals and are able to recommend you. Be present on every platform; Facebook, business directories, and blogs. If you ask your customers to tweet about your service, you are more likely to reach the right people and build credibility than if you are buying ads.

To successfully get your first customers as a software developer, you will need to create an advanced sales funnel with your ideal customers in mind. Download our free guide to get started with your campaigns.


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