Many small an medium sized business owners make a mistake by focusing on the quantity of traffic, instead of the quality. They spend a lot of money on getting traffic to their sites, but it is either not relevant to what they offer, or not targeted. You need to make sure that your website is an automated lead magnet that creates customers through leading them through your online marketing sales funnels. Below you will find a few tips on what to do when your website gets traffic but fails to generate leads and sales.

check the analytics

Your first stop should be your Google Analytics page, where you will find detailed traffic statistics. If your site is getting a lot of traffic from countries and areas you are not looking for customers in, You should also check where your customers are coming from. If they are being referred to your site from search engines for the wrong keywords or search phrases, it is important that you focus on improving your search engine marketing and targeting.

Bounce Rate

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Another thing you should check when you are getting low quality traffic is the bounce rate of your site. This will be shown on your Google Analytics pages, and tell you how many percent of your total visitors are turning back from your site after just a few seconds of visiting. The higher your bounce rate is the less relevant your site will be considered to be to search phrases, and your position in search results will eventually drop.

Your Content

It is also important to look through your website content with your customers’ eyes. Is it relevant to their problems and issues? Is it engaging? Are you still using standard web design with little or no interactive features? If all you have on your site is a few standard articles that are repeating the same common knowledge, you have no chance of creating a strong relationship with your customers. You must use your website for communicating your brand values and unique selling proposition.

Social media interaction

Another reason why your website might suffer from low conversion rates is that you are not giving your potential customers the chance to interact with you and connect with your brand on a personal level. If your site doesn’t have social media integration yet, you are losing out on marketing and branding opportunities.

Poorly Designed Sales Funnel

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If you get a lot of targeted traffic but still don’t get quote requests and orders, there must be something wrong with your online sales funnel. Try to look at the buyer’s journey as if you were the website visitor. Is it easy to find the products and place an order? How simple is it to get in touch with a question? Is there social proof, or can you trust the company based on their reviews and ratings enough to order from them?

There are many potential reasons why your website might not make you any sales, despite the considerable amount of traffic it receives. Have a close look at your content, web design, and sales funnel, review your keywords and social media integration, and tweak your online marketing until you have improved your conversion rates.

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