If you would like to make sure that people landing on your website are able to take action and are ready to trust you, it might be a good idea to design squeeze pages. These pages have one purpose: build trust, reciprocity, and get people to give you permission to market for them in the future in exchange for free information or products. Therefore. squeeze pages are important parts of your sales funnels.

How to Design Squeeze Pages

If you have a blogging or web design platform, you might beĀ  able to get a plugin that will automatically convert your content into a marketing page. Squeeze pages can only work for small business sales funnels if they contain the following elements:
  • A strong headline
  • A brand message
  • A unique selling proposition
  • Your offer
  • The benefits of signing up
  • A clear call-to-action
If you fail to have these elements on your squeeze page, or your design is not easy to scan through, people are likely to leave before they would find out more about what’s there to offer. You need to be straight-to-the-point, just like with every other element in your sales funnel.

How to Maximise the Results and Conversion of Your Squeeze Pages

There are several ways you can improve the experience of your visitors, and get them to sign up. First, you will have to get your message across as quickly as possible. If you are not a marketing copywriter, you might add a promo or intro video to your pages, so you can engage with your visitors on a personal level. Alternatively, use bullet points, lists, and make sure that you state the value of the information or product you are giving away for free.

What Is the Role of Squeeze Pages In Your Small Business Sales Funnel?

sales funnels and squeeze pages
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You might be wondering where your squeeze pages stand when it comes to getting conversions and designing your marketing sales funnels. The simple answer is that this tool should be on the top of the funnel. You might want to drive visitors straight to your squeeze page, or link to it from other content on your site. At the end of the day, you will be able to add people to your sales funnel and carry on marketing for them as long as they are happy to be contacted. It is important that you do your market research and find out what the main and most urgent problem of your audience is, so you can get the right messages out and offer a simple solution. This will improve your sales funnel conversions and help you stay relevant to your market’s needs.
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