If you have been trying to create a buzz about your small business in your local area, and your digital marketing has not resulted in sales yet, it might be time to go out there and engage with your market. There are several benefits of networking online and offline; you can complete your market research, find out more about your competition, and identify opportunities and gaps in your market. Below you will find a few tips on how to implement networking in your custom sales funnels and get more traction in the marketplace.

Get To Know Your Potential Customers

Get to know your customers

If you engage with people at networking events, you will not only make valuable connections, but also save money on market research. You can distribute your surveys online, ask the right questions, and get feedback on your offers. If you are only promoting your business online, you will not get the same benefits, unless you get a survey company to get you the answers you are looking for. You will, however, follow up the leads you create through networking to make the most out of this sales funnel tool. 

Learn to Speak their Language

Meeting your potential customers face-to-face before they would be presented with your offers will have additional benefits. You will not only understand your market’s most important issues and preferences, but also learn to speak their language. This will help you create meaningful and efficient brand messages and marketing campaigns, 

Find Collaboration Opportunities

You might think that you business idea is viable, but you might find a few potential business opportunities that will help you add value and promote your offers. Just imagine that one of the people you meet is interested in promoting your services or products to their clients. You could get really busy in a short period of time, and expand your business. 

Deliver Your Sales Pitch In Person 

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While online advertising has a lot of power, and it is good for creating awareness about your brand, people still buy from people and not companies. This is why you need to add your face to the brand and gain the trust of your audience. Delivering a sales pitch in person and showing how enthusiastic you are about your business will help you generate interest and leads to add to your sales funnel. 

Generate Leads to Add to Your Sales Funnel

Once you got yourself known to the people in your network, it will be much easier for you to get them to connect with you, If you create an irresistible offer, you can get them to sign up for blog updates and special offers. You might also offer them a discount for being in your network. 

Networking is an effective way of adding people to your sales funnel. If you would like to get involved, let me know and I can point you in the right direction. I am a member of several organisations and communities where small and medium sized business owners help each other out. 

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