When I sit down with clients and try to help them monetise their small business website, I often ask them whether or not they have anything to give away or offer as a free trial product. If you are in a trust-based business, such as consultancy, marketing, legal services, or recruitment, you will need to gain the trust of your customers before they are ready to hit the order button on your site. Below you will find a list of benefits offering a free trial could bring your small business website.

Taking Away the Risk

If you would like to make your potential clients’ job easier to make a decision, you might want them to test ride the product or service first. You need to show off your expertise, and it is not always possible through a sales page. I usually offer a free consultation with my clients before I provide them with the option to order a service from me, so they can make a decision whether or not we are a good fit. If you don’t have time to meet with clients in person, a free trial is the second best option to reduce the risk and build trust adding people to your marketing sales funnels.

Helps Customers Evaluate Your Products

Sometimes your potential clients will not be able to decide whether the product is for them, and this is why you will need to give them time to evaluate it. While free trials are common in the software industry, you can implement them into any sales funnel you want to, provided that you have the website infrastructure. If you are running a membership site, you can add a free trial. Even if you use PayPal as a subscription, you will get the choice to delay the payments.

Getting Relevant Feedback

In case you are launching a new business, product, or service, you will need to collect feedback and testimonials. By getting more people on board, using free trials, you will accomplish this task much easier and faster. Once you have the social proof published on social media and your site, you will have an easier job converting leads into customers without offering a free trial, too.

Helps with Product Development

If you would like to improve your product or service and don’t have the time and money to invest into market research, you can use the free trial period to get detailed feedback and user information. If you tie your free trial to completing a survey, you will gain some valuable data about your target market without having to spend a penny. If you can take on board the comments, you can improve and perfect your marketing funnels as you go.

Adds People to Your Sales and Marketing Funnels

Sales funnel development for small businesses
In case you have had a website for a while and you are having trouble getting people to sign up, you can increase your conversion rates and improve your reputation at the same time. By signing up for the trial, your clients will agree to be contacted regularly about product updates and promotions. If you do your job right and add new people to your marketing sales funnel regularly, you can stay in touch with them and carry on marketing to them until they unsubscribe from your communication. There is no cookie cutter option when it comes to adding people to your sales funnels. You will need to adjust the methods to the needs of your potential clients and your industry. Free trials can work well with software products and high ticket items, as they can help you build trust and give your prospects time to think their decision over.
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