In the series: Small Business Marketing Funnels I would like to talk about the different tools you can use to automate your business and your marketing. Autoresponders are not only for large international businesses, and they can work very well for branding and creating awareness of your different products. If you haven’t set up an autoresponder yet, you have limited chances of staying in touch with your target market. Below you will find out more about the different uses of autoresponders in your small business marketing funnels.

Automate Your Messages

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Would you like to let your existing followers and buyers know that you have a promotion going on or you are introducing a new service? Instead of getting in touch with them individually, you can send out automatic updates so they can take advantage. The real challenge, however, is that you get people to sign up for your email list. Due to the recent GDPR regulations, you will have to make sure that you let your customers know how you are using their data and give them the option to unsubscribe any time.

Find the Right Balance Between Value and Promotions

Once you have managed to get people to sign up for your updates and opt in to receive email marketing from you, you have to start thinking what you can send to them. All promotions will only encourage people to unsubscribe, but if you just send tips and tricks, as well as freebies, they will never buy anything from you. Find the right balance between providing value and promoting your brand, so you can keep your audience engaged.


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One of the main benefits of newsletters and autoresponder sequences is that  you can personalize them. Once you have some of your customers on the list, you can market to them again based on their preferences and purchase history. You can even offer an upsell or downsell, depending on your visitors’ behavior. If you get a notification that one of your website visitors who is a member has abandoned their shopping cart, you can put them on a personalized autoresponder sequence that talks more about the benefits of the product or service, or offers a downsell (a similar product that does less for less money).

Don’t Rely on One Lead Generation Method

When it comes to integrating your autoresponder sign up form, you will have to be creative. Offer something to your visitors that they can’t resist. A product or download that normally costs money or an eBook you are planning to sell later will do, as well as blueprints and guides. Don’t just place this form in the sidebar. Get a popup integrated into your site, as well as a social media signup form, so you can collect leads from every source possible.

Test Your Links and Get Feedback

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One of the steps website owners fail to complete is testing. If you don’t sign up for your own list and get the messages yourself, you will not experience what your market is getting from your email marketing campaign. Test every form, link, and email server, so your messages are delivered on time. Ask your subscribers to add your email to their whitelist, so they receive important updates. Seek feedback by adding a link to the bottom of each email, so you can improve your content and learn from your target customers.


Autoresponders can be effective tools when you are trying to add new people to your sales funnel. There are some great autoresponders at an affordable price for small businesses, but you will have to make sure that the one you choose does exactly what you need. For more information and a free consultation, you can sign up for our updates. 

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