Years ago, when I was just starting my SEO and web design business, and didn’t focus that much on sales funnels, I came across a few clients who asked meL: “how much does it cost a month to have a website”? I didn’t understand the question first. It should only cost you the hosting fee and the domain name, which translates to a couple of pounds each month. Then I found out that some companies are offering monthly packages to help startups manage their budget. It all comes down to the value you are getting. Read more below.

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Added Value

It all depends what added value you are getting for the service. For example, some companies will send out a SEO performance report on your website, which can easily be generated in a few seconds using free software or plugins. Therefore, if you don’t get actionable steps and information, you will not benefit from the service. Other companies will include hosting and uptime monitoring, which is – in my opinion – certainly not worth hundreds of pounds a month.

Guaranteed Results

Does your digital marketing company offer guaranteed results? I have spoken to a few business owners who let someone else manage their social media, and didn’t even know what was going on with their accounts; whether they managed to increase their engagement levels, get more social media followers, likes, and clicks. If you cannot see these statistics, you might as well pour your money down the drain.

“Getting Your Voice and Brand”

One of the most challenging things about working with brands is that the digital marketing expert needs to “get it”, instead of simply trying to guess what business owners want to achieve. This is the main reason why I sit down with my potential customers for a free consultation. I want to understand their greatest digital marketing challenges and address them through the sales funnel. Cookie cutter options simply don’t work.

Sales Funnel Implementation

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Most of the business owners I work with know that they need a sales funnel, but don’t have the skills and the expretise, or the time to implement it. If this service is not offered as a part of your website package, and your pages lack a clear call-to-action, you will never get conversions.

Keeping Up with Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing, social media, and customer behaviour change every time, so you cannot be stuck in the past. New tools, methods, and trends are developed, and it is hard to keep an eye on them if you are a small or medium sized business owner. That is where ditital marketing professionals come in the picture. In fact, I might be able to design a site and promote it, but I am still spending betweek 15 and 20 hours a week learning new methods to deliver the best results for my clients and tailor the service to their needs.

If you – like many of my customers – are paying for a website on a monthly basis, you need to ensure that you are getting the most value out of the service. Monitor your lead generation and make sure that you are able to influence your brand messages.

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