I have been working with a client for a couple of weeks, trying to understand her values, goals, and her market. We had a couple of online calls scheduled, and finally identified her ideal client. i created a test campaign for her services, and measured the different engagement levels. I started with social media, then I went for sharing and content creation. Now, after the testing and sales funnel alignment is complete, I can get her website visits (booking page) for 6 pence. Find out how I achieved this result.


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Getting To Know the Market

My client is in the mobile massage industry, and you might know that people often have a misunderstanding what the services involve. This was one of the main challenges I faced when creating a sales funnel. I had to eliminate the type of client who is not looking for what my client is offering. I completed the market research and asked my client about their experience; I am not claiming to know everything about every industry. I gathered information about the market to set up a tailor made sales funnel.

Knowing the Customer’s Goals

When I had a couple of sessions with my client, I also asked her what she wanted to achieve as a business goal. This helped me identify the most suitable packages for her budget and business needs. As she is only looking for a couple of clients a week, there is no point for her to spend thousands a month on advertising. I have sales funnel and social media packages for every budget. Just because you are a small, medium sized, or growing business owner, you should still get the help you need for making digital marketing work for you.

Testing Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Once I made a plan and created a sales funnel map, I tested different types of messages on social media to find out what her target market is reacting to. I also created SEO friendly directory descriptions and added the right #s to her pages and posts. Measuring every stage of the sales funnel is important to prevent losing money on your digital markeitng.

Launching and Tweaking Campaigns

Once I knew what typoe of messages were doing well on each platform, I tweaked the campaigns. This took me only two weeks, thanks to the advanced system I have in place reporting on likes, shares, and comments. I could certainly not keep in mind what is going on in my clients’ industries. Identifying the winner was easy knowing the data, so I launched a Facebook campaign to measure engagement. It resulted in 25 new likes in two days and cost my client only a couple of pounds. Once I was happy that the message, tone, and call-to-action was right, I launched a similar campaign on Facebook, targeting link clicks instead. As you can see below. I am getting clicks to her page for 6 pence. This measn that if only one in 20 visits will convert, it will only cost her just over a pound to get a booking in. I am, however, expecting much higher conversion rates.

facebook campaign.JPG

If you would like to learn more about how I work and help business owners create and manage sales funnels, get in touch below and book your free consultation. Looking forward to creating similar results for you.



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