This week we have been pretty busy setting up our clients’ Facebook ads. We don’t start with this step when enrolling them for one of our full service sales funnel packages; we love getting to know their audience, their preferences, goals, and angle. However, bot of our clients have been with us for over 6 months, despite the fact that they are not tied to a contract. Find out how we started their Facebook ad campaigns.

The Targeting

The first thing we want to understand when it comes to making Facebook Marketing Campaigns effective is who you are talking to. We do the market research and the targeting, get it reviewed by the client, and it is ready to go. Our photography client was rebranding, so we focused on the areas that he wanted to push. We didn’t go for the more competitive sub-niches, as it would have cost us money. With our professional client, we created three ads; one for each service they wanted to promote. We set a new audience for each ad, of course, based on interest and demographics.

The Ad Creative

Facebook knows that automatic placement never makes you money, but it maximises their profits. Therefore, never click the Boost button, unless you change the settings. We used a mix of videos and images on Facebook, and created an AB testing. Had a bit of an issue, as square videos do well, and Facebook doesn’t automatically offer this format, but we got there.

The Facebook Marketing Goals

Facebook advertising

Social media advertising campaigns

The goal of the photography social media management client was to get more contact requests and calls. For the professional service provider, booking and submitting the enquiry form was the main target, Without having clear goals, you can never set up a Facebook advertising campaign.

The Budget

Initially, we start with 10 pounds on each ad, and we test the audience, so we can create a  new data to work from. Some of our social media marketing packages UK customers came on on a smaller package, therefore, they pay for their ads as they go. Others, however, will take advantage of our new social media packages for small business owners, and these include a Facebook advertising credit.

The Testing Period of Facebook Ads

We test the Facebook ads for a maximum of ten days, but this depends on the reach and the budget, Once the results and data came in, we analyse it and make changes to maximise our clients’ return on investment. After all, marketing should be viewed as an investment, not a cost. Nobody wants to lose money in the casino or taking chances with inexperienced social media managers.

The 24-hour Results

So far, both of the ads have been online for 24 hours, and one of the clients had three ads running. We reached over 1,000 people and had hundreds of engagement for less than £1. The client also had clicks through, but there is a delay in the system. Getting a click in a competitive niche for less than £1 is very rare, but we did it.

Facebook ad reach

I will update you all next week with the long term testing results, and show exactly how we optimised the campaigns, so we get clicks, likes, and customers for much less. There is always a delay when it comes to Facebook ad reporting, so if you don’t see the results you expected in the first few days, don’t just give up and start again; The data from Facebook ads is more valuable than you would think.

Do you have any questions about setting up your Facebook advertising or ordering one of our affordable social media management packages? Get in touch and book your free consultation. 

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