We have recently been contacted by a long term client who happens to be a business coach. The main goal was traffic and lead generation to a new programme. The client asked me whether they should be using Facebook or Google ads or more. We immediately had a good idea of the cost per click, so we advised them accordingly. Find out how we started generating leads to a business coaching funnel.

Facebook Ads vs. Google for Coaches

When our client contacted us, we already knew that getting clicks from Google would be challenging, as business coaches are plenty no matter where you go. Not to mention that the client was operating as a part of a franchise, and this means that they had to compete with people within their company, too. The CPC (cost per click) on Google was close to £5, and it was simply not good enough for lead generation, given the budget the client had. We, however, knew that the entrance of the funnel has to be strong, and we chose to go with Facebook for this campaign. That means that we would be getting more clicks (around 10x) and take care of the branding element, too.

Facebook Ad Formats

When it comes to the beginning of your sales funnel, it is important that you choose the right ad format, no matter if you are using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google for lead generation. In this case, we decided to go with a short video, and – in fact – we held the client hostage in our Frodsham digital marketing agency office until the video was ready to go. Thankfully, they had their tripod with them in the car. We do some strange things here, at LMNts Marketing; but that is all for the benefit of the customer. We always feed them cookies, have enough coffee, and have a great atmosphere to work in. The video was attention-grabbing, spontaneous, and right for the purpose.

facebook ads

Facebook ads

Ad Performance and Cost Per Click

We started the test, as we usually do. The last thing we want to do is lose money for our clients when we know that they have limited budgets. The key to sales funnel development is to measure every stage of the conversions and find a way to continuously deliver higher ROI-s across the board. We are only a few days into the campaign, but we can see below £0.5 CPC-s across the board. We have also found out that the ad appealed more to men than women, which made my client a bit sad… Told him that maybe if he wore leathers, he could have attracted more women… At the end of the day, having a good understanding of your market is important, but understanding your customer and working with them is equally crucial.

Facebook results

Facebook funnel

Business Coaches Need Personal Branding Funnels

Branding and digital marketing should go hand in hand! You cannot build a business if you don’t have a strong brand and a clear message. In fact, just recently I have made one of my clients sign a contract that they are not changing their brand and target niche for at least 12 months. We don’t want to confuse the audience with contradicting brand messages; there’s enough distraction on social media. Business coaches need a marketing funnel that focuses on their USP or – how I love calling it – superpower. Especially if you bought into a coaching franchise, and there’s a lot of competition. People will decide to engage with you and not other people in the business based on your personality. All our sales funnel building packages include a marketing SWOT and an ideal client profile.

Creating Engagement and Leads through Well Designed Funnels

When you set up a paid campaign, it is important that you have a budget and a clear outcome target in mind. That is why we reverse engineer the process whenever we build sales funnels for coaches and consultants. You have to start with the end in mind, so you can adjust everything to get you the best results. Our sales funnel development packages include a custom funnel map, the plan, design, and all your content that will drive traffic to your offer and landing page. That is why we are proud to call ourselves a full service sales funnel and digital marketing agency in Frodsham, Cheshire.

Do you have a marketing campaign in mind? Don’t start without having a budget, desired outcome, and a sales funnel attached. We offer a free funnel overview call. Book your slot below.

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