If you haven’t met me in person yet, you might not know that I am very passionate about two things when it comes to social media markeitng and sales funnels: USP and Ideal Client Persona. This week, I was talking to a couple of business owners about both of them, and they all went away with new thoughts and an action plan. Today, I would like to talk about how to develop your unique selling proposition and turn it into a competitive advantage, if you are struggling with standing out. I will cover our USP first, then help you define yours.

Our Unique Selling Proposition at LMNts Marketing

I usually tell my clients that if they cannot define what their business stands for in one sentence, they will have to work on their strategy until they can.

Our USP statement is simple:

“Levelling the playing field of digital markeitng for small business owners in the UK”

We don’t really want to work with big corporate businesses, and there is a reason for that. Coming from the corporate world, it is clear to us that communicating with the business owner and the person behind the brand is much more effective than talking to a paid employee wiht little or no emotional connection with the company. At the same time, we simply cannot waste time getting through gatekeepers.

We also stand for integrity. We aim to provide the quality of marketing that big companies pay a lot of money for, but cheaper.

marketing coaching

coaching sessions and fully automated sales funnels

You have to book some time off and have a look at your own USP and see what you can come up with. People need a good enough reason to choose you instead of the competition. If you can provide this, you have gained their attention.

We are also offering bespoke sales funnels instead of software generated ones. We spendĀ  a lot of our time talking to clients and making them the co-creator of their markeitng campaign.

We might be experts at one or another field, but we certainly don’t know every market, industry, and company as much as the business owner. That is another important element of our USP.

How To Find Your USP In Simple Steps

You will have to take some time off and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Download our Ideal Client Sheet
  • What do your customers value?
  • Where do you stand in the market?
  • Where do you rank well?
  • What makes people buy from you instead of another company?
  • What makes your market connect with you on an emotional level?
  • How do your existing customers see you?

It might be a good idea to conduct a survey in your marketplace and find out what is missing from your competition’s offers. This will help you create a social media marketing campaign around your uniqueness, instead of just talking about the same thing as anyone else.

Whether you are using a mind map or a visual board, you should display it on your pin board and look at it every time you are crafting social media posts, blogs, or writing articles for magazines.

So What Is Your USP? Comment Below

Are you ready to find your unique selling proposition? Let us know when you found it. Comment below and let’s discuss.


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