When it comes to digital marketing, there ae so many so called experts and gurus out there. You can in fact buy backlinks for a couple of pounds per a few hundred from people using borderline black hat methods, which will hurt your rankings long term. We, at LMNts Marketing, however, like doing things different. We will test your campaigns, optimise the engagement and conversions, and – once you have the advertising budget – we can scale your campaigns up.

Many people have been burnt by logo designers, web developers who used their personal data in an irresponsible manner. You don’t have to worry about privacy issues if you choose us to develop and manage your sales funnels. Here’s why

We Will Ask You about Your Industry, Not Your Personal Life and Revenue

When we meet, we are not interested in your personal details, your circumstances, or the size of your business. We have digital marketing packages available for startups, growing businesses, and larger companies that would like to scale up their marketing. You choose your budget and the results you would like to get from the service, and we will accommodate your needs.

We Will Never Ask You For Your Login Details


One of the things we were working on last year was to create a white label system that allows us to manage clients’ social media accounts without having to log in with their details or store their account passwords. Due to the GDPR regulations, we should have gone through an extensive training, not to mention that we currently have about 600 accounts on our system. It is impossible to keep hold of and remember all the passwords. Our new social media management system allows clients to click on a link and connect all their accounts without revealing their passwords.

You Can Revoke Access Any Time

One of the fears of people outsourcing social media management and digial marketing sales funnels is that they don’t want to lose control of what is being posted on their business account. While we will send you the test emails of all your campaigns and the social media plan, you can just as easily withdraw access as you can share it.

All Your Email Marketing Campaigns are GDPR Compliant, with Double Opt In and High Engagement Rates


When it comes to email marketing, many business owners worry about spam complaints. By signing up for one of our packages, you can be assured that our first priority is to create engagement, instead of adding loads of people to your sales funnel. Quality is more important than quantity. Therefore, we always use double opt in and GDPR compliant emails.

We Never Share Your Account Details with Third Party Contractors, Freelancers. or Companies

As we are doing all the work, and are not using shortcuts, software, your personal and business data is safe with us. We will – from time to time – recommend taking on other complimentary services, but never give out your details to anyone outside of LMNts Marketing.

If you would like to have a chat about the GDPR compliant features of our sales funnels, contact us below for a free consultation.

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